December 27, 2007

Celebrate Good Times!

For our amazing feast we had :

Roast stuffed turkey ; served with chestnuts, baked sweet potato, mixed vegetables, mashed potato, and accompanied by cranberry sauce, gravy, mixed rolls, crispy bread and batons sales!

our very colorful drinks

Our lovely French Christmas cake: chocolate cake with mocha and chocolate sauce!

It was my friends birthday, we spent the night stuffing our faces, singing birthday songs in 5 different languages and dancing the night away!
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December 22, 2007

Illegal Drugs

We read in the newspaper every now and then about drug busts, and how the government is fighting to keep our streets clean.
I don't think they are doing a good enough job, since the drug dealers are among us, more specifically in our fitness and health clubs. sure they are not selling heroin or coke, but they are still putting our youth at risk.

F. my roommate got a phone call today, "aziz your cousin is in the hospital"
after the initial shock wore off we got the details. Aziz is 17, he goes to a well known fitness club in Kuwait. His mom thought it would be a good way to keep him from running around in the streets.

While there, he was approached by one of his "trainers" who offered him a few pills. He told him that these pills ,for a small sum of money, can give him the body he dreams of and blah blah blah.

Aziz took the pills for a while, then he was approached again by the same trainer who told him he had something even better, and now aziz is in the hospital. His hormones are messed up, and his body is secreting something weird.

I know for a fact that this story is very common. That so called trainers approach young men and offer them pills and "vitamins"

There is a huge lack of education in what these pills and powders and drinks can do to your body, and people take them in large doses in the hope of speeding up the dream body project.

It is dangerous and should have harsh legal consequences.

No one should ever take anything without consulting there DR!

and contrary to common belief too much vitamins is NOT good for you!

Selling of pills and vitamins in health and fitness clubs should be banned, and if someone offers to sell you something you should take it up with the club managers! and a police report should be filed ESPECIALLY when that someone is a minor!!

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December 20, 2007

Dear Soul

You know when ur in a dream and something awful is happening and u want to just scream your lungs out but no sound comes out?
Thats exactly how i feel right now, except I'm not dreaming, im wide awake.
I feel like curling up in fetal position and just surround myself.
engulf myself in my own arms, and I want so badly to cry, but the tears wont come
I'm too proud to cry even when I'm all alone
Ive been waking up with bruises on my body, like i have been beating myself up in my dreams, something iv been struggling not to do while I'm awake.

So i write, I write to you hoping my words would ease the fist upon my throat, hoping someone would shoulder the burden with me.
Once something is broken, its broken forever. It can never be fixed.

So we keep on waiting, waiting for the world to change, but it never does and we take it as an excuse to stay the same!

I wanted so much not to be like you, i hated everything about you, and here I am hearing your tone in my voice, your words coming out of my mouth, ur logic filling my head.
I hate you, i wish u would just leave me alone!

But i think its familiarity that keeps us together, I'm addicted to you, to your pain and sadistic ways. Its not love, definitely not.


your conscience
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December 12, 2007

Are You A Planner?

I never plan.
I don't like to set dates and dead lines for myself. I'm more of a take one day at a time kind of person. Set goals for a day, and accomplish them. Immediate plans, never too far ahead. For some reason people view my lack of planning as lack of organization. Which is not one and the same, I'm extremely organized. Everything is written down and documented.I never go anywhere without my little notebook. I never overbook myself or mix things up. I just simply don't like to plan too far ahead.

I hate plans because I learned the hard way things don't always go the way you want them to.
But I think I have taken my non planning ways to an extreme, for example, I never book my plane tickets ahead of time, which always leaves me in a frantic search. When traveling i list the places I want to see, but never actually commit by buying tickets and what not.
I hate using the Internet to get my work done, I don't like booking tickets online, shopping online, renting cars, or whatever else. I just prefer talking to an actual person than a machine.

My friends and I want to travel together at the end of our Christmas break sometime in January, we want to go off to an island, somewhere warm, where winter hasn't kicked the sun out.
Nouf is demanding to go to a travel agent ASAP (since i refuse to book online) and plan everything from the Minuit we land, till we take off. Including paying for everything before hand, and its making me queasy. Yes actually physically queasy.
For some reason whenever I plan for something, things never go the way I want them to. Plus I don't like things defined, I like that vagueness, that whole my future is an open field, i can do whatever I want.

My friends all have planned the rest of there life out. By the time they are 25 - 30 and so on. The timeline of their life is so set, so clear I feel there's no room for adventure or imagination!!

Don't mistake my lack of plans as lack of goals. I have goals, lots of them, I just don't set a deadline to them.

Do you want to continue your studies ?
right after your done?
I don't know, let me finish and see where I go from there.

How about you?
Are you a planner?
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December 11, 2007

My Best Friend Kurt

I'd like to dedicate this post to Kurt, my new best friend. someone I know I can always depend on, someone who will never fail to fill my life with color, softness and comfort.

Kurt always manages to make me stand a little taller, feel more elegant, and never makes me feel guilty about pampering myself. In fact he tells me I am worth it, and always encourages me to spend a little more.

He is so artistic and creative, I always find something new and interesting to consider whenever I visit him.
He not only takes care of me, but my mom and sisters love him just as much as I do.

What I love most about Kurt is the stability. Knowing that every time I walk down the street I will find him sitting there looking flawless, welcoming me in.

Thank you Kurt for being who you are, for making me feel like I'm walking on sunshine.

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