February 27, 2008

Overly Emotional

I hate people that are overly emotional. If something bad happens GET OVER IT.
go complaining to everyone you see.
Don't go broadcasting your heartbreak looking for sympathy.
Just Shut up and move on!

I just don't get people who use really sad situations for the sympathy of a specific person. To lure them into getting closer, like a death or a health issue.

Bohooo hooo I broke my arm when I was six, hold me, hug me, comfort me, get closer. LOVE ME, LOVE me, please just LOVE ME!!

What?!! you DON'T want to love me? you mean you were only trying to be nice? All you wanted was to comfort me?
Are you trying to tell me that I mean nothing to you!
But I poured my heart and soul to you, I gave you everything. I let you get so close to me!!

Stupid idiotic people! And if that wasn't enough what do you go do after that?
You broadcast your stupidity to the whole world. You tell them you fell victim. Don't you just love using the word victim?
Your heart is broken your soul is heavy, your tears are dry. You need loving.
A vicious cycle you take yourself through all the time.

And desperate women, don't throw yourself at a guy then get all psycho when he doesn't marry you after you beg him 700 times!
Did it really surprise you ? DID IT?!!

You know if your that kind of person.
People are beginning to catch on sweetheart. Find a new line.
Don't turn everything into a drama movie, there ain't no Oscar in it for you!

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February 25, 2008

My Kuwait

Every call to prayer the men of my neighborhood head to the mosque at the end of the street. After they are done I always see them walking back together in their crisp white robes and perfect ghetras. You hear them laughing quietly and discussing random things. Some of the neighborhood kids run up to them for hugs and kisses.

They look so peaceful, so serene, and I always think THATS my Kuwait. Thats what were about. Thats the way we were, the way we are, and the way we will always be inshallah. One big family.

I love this country, and I love its people.
Every single one of you!

Except waleed 6ab6aba2i, and the segregation people aaand... oh never mind, on this day i love every one!

Allah y7afeth elkuwait oo ahalha min kil shar, wenkoon dayman eed wa7da nakhdem hal arth el6aybah.


Ooo 3ashat lena lekwait lekwaiiiiit o 3ashaw ahalha!!
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February 24, 2008

Why I Dont Swim In Public Pools

People pee in pools

2- people tend to get water in their mouths and spit it out

3- Theres no telling what was nesting very comfortably on peoples bodies that got washed off in the pool

I love swimming, but the idea of jumping into a body of water with a bunch of strangers turns my stomach!
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February 22, 2008

Nothing Really Matters

My dad was supposed to have a very minor operation today. My brother and I were supposed to take him in the morning. I slept for what felt like 30 seconds. I kept twisting and turning and had the weirdest nightmares!
I woke up once to the sound of my own voice, I was crying in my sleep. I was a lot more worried than I wanted to admit.

The night before I got into a huge argument with my dad cause he didn't give me the amount I specified to go shopping! I felt so stupid, so materialistic, and so selfish.

I kept thinking of the worst case scenario, How I would give up everything so my dad will be as healthy as he's ever been.
I can live without buying the bag and shoes cant I?
Then why on earth did I get mad at him?

My phone rang at 8 or so am, it was my dad. His operation has been postponed. The minit he hung up I was fast asleep.
I was dead, I didn't even dream.

When I woke up I felt so much better. All my thoughts about being selfish and materialistic vanished, and as I sat across my father munching on my burger I very proudly said, dad I want that bag and shoes!!

aaah life...
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February 20, 2008

Who Fights For The Weak?

With all the talk going on about inflation, and if the government is going to give us a salary raise which in turn will cause more inflation and so on..
Between discussion about the price of eggs and KDD I couldn't help but wonder what about the less fortunate workers?

The garbage men, the petrol station guys, the maids and drivers. The people who get paid very little to begin with. Shouldn't they get a salary raise too? With the prices increasing shouldn't they be compensated?

Who fights for them? Where do they go? And how can this problem be solved?

I discussed this issue with a few people, I will write their views after I hear yours.
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February 15, 2008

Back To Camp

I went to my family's camping place. From the second I step in the tent to the second I leave all we do is stuff our face! My God!
We played some dumb card game and laughed till our sides hurt, and of course we had the never ending argument over Hizboallah, the supporters and the none supporters, but we never get anywhere so it always turns into one big joke.

I kept singing and dancing to
"6ala3na min bab elsoor! bairagna bairag mansooor!"

I like the word Bairag. Its my new favorite word.

The camp right next to us is a party zone. From 1 am onwards the party starts, and the next morning we always find empty bottles of alcohol all over the place. My cousins hubby took a picture of all the empty bottles ill post it as soon as I get it from him. I told my mom im calling 777, only to have my cousin inform me on who's camp it is. She said the cops would probably arrest me for calling them :)

Yesterday I went to soog Lmbarikiya for the first time in my life, my dad took us to have chabda wegloob. I felt like a true carnivore munching on the little hearts, but ofcourse me being me I forgot my camera! Does anyone else like chabda wegloob ?!!

Oo 6ala3na min bab el sooor!!

yallah everyone ma3ay!

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February 13, 2008

Anti- segregation & Cool Vedio

So I went to the anti- segregation thing, it was cool. Good turn out. Although I had a flat tire on the way, but I made it in time for plenty of speeches.
I went with 7alawa my friend, she expected some kind of 70's riot, hell no we wont go kind of thing, and she kept chanting Integration not segregation the whole way there!
The best part of the night is I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers
Its a small small world!


I absolutely love this vedio

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February 11, 2008

Better Be Safe Than Sorry

My aunts have been going to the desert since the beginning of winter. They love camping. I hate it.
I went to see them last weekend, the atmosphere was very festive and fun. All the kids were running around playing and riding buggies.
What pissed me off is that none of them were wearing helmets!
They are kids no more than six or seven years old. They shouldn't have been on one in the first place, but they were piling on 2 and 3 at a time while their parents sat in the tents drinking tea.
I barged in on them and asked what the hell are they thinking letting their kids ride around alone unsupervised with no safety precautions what so ever, only to have them laugh at me and say its ok they have been coming here months before I ever showed up.

They wont be laughing if one of their kids flipped over and cracked their head open. It doesn't take much to buy a helmet, and supervise your children. if your too busy to do that or simply don't feel like doing it then don't put your children in dangerous situations!

I'm so disappointed in them!
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February 10, 2008


Your support is needed to attend and pass this message on to others:
There is an important gathering at the Kuwait Womans Society in Khaldiya on Tuesday 6pm in which they want owners of foreign schools and Kuwaiti parents and students to attend to contest the Segregation Law.
Also to invite as many arabic speaking parents to support this event. Lots of press and MP will attend.
Try and make it.
Thank you.

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Fine Dining Experiance Of The Week II

Steak House 4season hotel

Appetizer: risotto

The Steak!

Peanut ice cream for dessert!

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February 5, 2008

The Croissant

The croissant represents the crescent moon symbol on the Ottoman flags.
It was invented by a Parisian chef as a tribute to Vienna's victory over the Ottomans in 1683.
A symbol people all over the world devour daily with their coffee!

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