January 30, 2009

BBQ Night

My cousins and i decided to take advantage of the good weather and have a barbecue!

getting the food ready

khadooja and 3azeezan


home made strawberry cake

working hands

*pics taken by frai7a and swaira who demanded i post them on my blog.

happy girls?

oh and I decided i hate barbecuing, i enjoy the eating part a lot more.

and there are a lot more pictures of marshmallows and sweet potatoes and chestnuts, bs mali khlg i upload. (i gave them too much face for one day)
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January 28, 2009

Life, Resposibility, and What Not

I just hung up the fone after an hour long conversation with Fig.

She thinks she might be pregnant yet again and she cant stop crying.

Her baby is only four months old.

She kept telling me about how she feels so old. So... madre.

I called to tell her what was going on with my paper work and what not, and she said if shes pregnant again god only knows when she'll start working.

Which is a total shame cz figi is the smartest out of all of us who graduated together. She had the highest grades.

The responisbilty eshda3wa the responsibility is what she kept saying.

I sat there listening to her and pretending to be sympathetic.. Pretending being the key word.

You get married and you have a kid. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you your life will change.

You take birth control pills, and then forget to take them, chances are your going to end up pregnant.

It is as clear as im putting it isnt it?

i dunno .. now i feel bad

I think im gona go over to her place with cup cakes and ice cream and let her cry all she wants while i play with 3abood.
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January 26, 2009

The Early Bird

Im no early bird!

Im more of a night owl.


whenever i wake up early im totally MISERABLE for the rest of the day.

I have zero energy, i never feel like doing anything. im in bed the whole time.

I need a solution since i have to be at work by 7.30 for the rest of my life!


its like daggers piercing my heart!

How the hell can i wake up early and still be a happy joyous person with enough energy left over to do something productive for the rest of the day?
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January 25, 2009

Alone Again

So everybody is gone, and im left alone.

In bed watching shows on my laptop.

It was great having everyone back here for Christmas break.

I gained 5 kilos too, and i couldn't be happier!

But now its too quiet!

After all the craziness we've been up to, our tours, Dubai, the Madonna diet, interviewing people for no good reason, all night talks, teeth extractions, feuding friends, shopping, eating, and more eating. Partying with grandma's, engagement dresses, candles and sparkling dates.

God Kuwait is so empty when ur gone.

If only you know who just moves back !

I need to find a way to entertain myself now ...

Any ideas?
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January 23, 2009



I'm seething

I haven't been this angry at anyone for anything in SO long!!

I'm so furious i have a splitting headache!

So freaking enraged im feeling nauseous!

So damn infuriated its one of the VERY few times i wish i had an anonymous blog so i can tell you what this is all about!!

But all im going to say is this, if your going to continue on your high and mighty road, one day your going to look around an no one will be there!

You already alienated everyone but we stuck around giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Not anymore sweetheart. Today was the final blow. You have lost our respect and our support.

Maybe one day we'll decide to forgive you, but things will never be the same again.

I hope your happy with how you chose to live your life.

-over and out-
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January 22, 2009

In Search Of GABOO6

Ya jama3a

abe gaboo6

ive been craving it in like forever, and our cook doest know how to make it.

Is there a restaurant that makes GOOD gaboo6. Real Kuwaiti style??

Im drooling here

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January 19, 2009

VIP Airport

Did any of you watch the news today?
The arrival of all the Arab leaders.

Did you guys see the room they sat in after the arrival of each one?!



I'm sure it was someone blind!

Or he was hired by someone who really really hated us!

It could be used as a torture mechanism.
You lock the person in the room and they'll feel everything screaming at them.
From the ugly colors of the carpet (and it had A LOT of colors) to the couches, to the walls.

Its too ugly for words!

And shaikh sabah maskeen! walking back and forth back and forth!
76oolah escalator! enhad 7ailah elrayal wa3alaiyah!

I tried finding a picture of the ugly place, they need to change it ASAP.

I don't know why all the huge halls are so damn ugly!
Any time i watch the news, any Arab leader greeting a guest its always in an ugly room.

Why do u think that is?

Maybe theres a psychological purpose behind it.

They greet them in very ugly rooms so that when they leave they're so relieved they'd agree to anything...

yeah that makes sense!
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January 17, 2009

Books Are Food For Thought

So i finally decided to get my books out of the boxes and put them in my room.

First I just put all of them on the floor

Then I discovered I couldnt walk without stepping on a few,

so i piled them in a corner

Then I stood there pondering how is should go about this

I decided to make individual piles in alphabetical order

Finally had it done, it was back breaking work!

Then my mom came in and yelled at me, told me to get all those books off of the floor

So i placed them on a few shelves

My childhood books

My preteen books

My early teen books

My Late teen romance novels

Self help section. I dont even like Coelho, but i own all his books

Currently one of my favorite Authors

Religious books section

Now all thats left is stamping every book I own with my name


I have over 100 Archie comic books, and for some reason i discovered four copies of withering heights and picture of dorian grey.
Im going to give the extra copies away.

There are a few titles missing, I own a little over 500 books.

Missing Books :

1- The Five People You Meet in Heaven, & For One More Day , by Mitch Album

2- Vagina Monologues By Eve Ensler

3- The Lovely Bones , & Almost Moon by Alice Sebold

4- P.s I Love You by Cecilia Ahren

5- 11 books from my sister sister collection

6- 6 books from my Sweet valley High Senior year series

7- 3 Anthony Horowitz books.

Now that is A LOT of books!
If you have any of my books please return them ASAP!

I know exactly where my sister sister books are, my best friend in 5th grade borrowed them and never gave them back. I havnt spoken to her in 12 years. So I dont think its appropriate for me to call her and be like Where the hell are my books!

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January 14, 2009

To Work

Remember when i asked you guys if i should work or not..

well i finally woke up at a decent hour and went to get my medical check up.

Blood tests, and Hep. vaccine , and the works.

My god! they send you from one place to the next

and im so not in the mood.

I dont know why you cant get everything done at the same place oo khalas!

Its a good thing weiner was here to take me

otherwise i would be unemployed forever.

All my friends are working, except fig whose taking care of her baby boy.

And all my university friends are getting married.

In a few weeks ill officially be the only bachelorett left in our group.

None of my high school friends tied the knot, but there all out of the country.

Im so going to die of boredom. Jobless and friendless.

My goal when i start working (not too soon i hope) is to be more social.

I doubt ill carry it out for long, but cant hurt to try.

Hiff i want to go to Europe god damn it but no one wants to travel !!
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January 13, 2009

Wash & Flush (Bathroom Obsession)

Ok ok! ill stop with the bathroom posts i promise!

This weird looking thing is a washing machine/toilet. Its designed as part of the going green effort and saving the planet.
It saves water from your washing to flush the toilet.

I really don't like the idea of doing my business with a washing machine on top of my head!
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January 12, 2009

Light & Music Shower (Bathroom Obsession)

The Signorini Shower head has ultra slim metallic blocks, studded with rows of tiny nozzles, rain brilliant colored water. The lighted shower head embraces contemporary style. The prefect shower to recharge your mind and soul.

Two central lights illuminate the free flowing water in a warm yellow, passionate red, mellow blue or green earthy light. Perfect for creating a dramatic accent color, or merely for it's therapeutic effect

Created by Signorini Design

I want a shower like that !

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January 10, 2009

Pimp My Toilet

It's got a flat screen HDTV, xBox 360, laptop, bullhorn, bike pedals, beer tap, fridge, and a 1.4 gallon flush!

a salon-style hair dryer, a pedicure tub, a Nintendo Wii and a triple-threat, flat-screen TV that also functions as a mirror and a heated towel rack. ipod touch and a laptop.
What more could a girl want in a bathroom!

What would you have in your dream bathroom?

ad by Roto Rooter
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January 7, 2009

Cold Shower?

Im so loving the cold!

I absolutely love the cold weather, but I cant stand showering in it!

We had a heater in our bathroom, it can get so hot you feel like your roasting.

My cousin recently broke it and I cant figure out how.

So now my bathroom feels like an ice cube.
And I cant get myself to shower!!

Its been 3 days since my last shower and counting!

we3 we3 karha 3mre

I have to figure out a way to get under the hot water NOW.

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January 5, 2009

Anguish II

We spent a year trying to figure out what was wrong with her.

Taking her from one doctor to the next.

Everyone gave me a different view, opinion, a lead to follow.

It always amounted to nothing.

It got so bad, so severe, she started showing signs of kidney failure.

The first time I heard it I did not know what it was.

Anorexia Nervosa.

My daughter was starving herself to death.

That same week we flew her to a rehab clinic in london that specializes in children who suffer from anorexia and depression.

I did not want anyone to know.

I felt ashamed.

My daughter was reduced to skin and bone.

All I wanted was for my daughter to get better.

To have a childhood devoid of battling demons.

Little did i know id be fighting a battle of a different kind.

I already felt responsible, and living in a small country like kuwait, news travels fast.

I was always bombarded with questions I could not answer.

Why did she get like that?

I dont know

Was she absued?

you think i abuse my daughter

How could you let it get this bad.

I did not let it! I did not intentionally let my daugher whither away.

Peoples ignorance about anorexia was getting to me.

I felt attacked from every direction.

I was getting depressed and angry, but I couldnt deal with my emotions, I had to be strong for my daughter.

I dont think im strong enough.

I dont know if I can go through this again.

I cant express my anguish because ill be judged. Branded a bad mother.

I already feel like one every time I look into my daughters eyes.

If I could take the desease and infect my mind with it I would.

If I could take my soul and breath it into my daughers body I would.

But I cant, theres nothing I can do except take her back to rehab.

The place that for a while helped her and gave her new ideas on how to hurt herself.

My hands are tied.

My heart is in constant pain.

I cant remember the last time I felt normal.

Not even happy, just normal.

*this is a true story as told by the girls mother*
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January 4, 2009


She was in rehab for four months

She reached her target weight

She was smiling again

I thought the nightmare was finally over.

We can be happy again

We can be a family

I can finally pay attention to the rest of her siblings.

But our happiness was short lived.

Shes starving herself again, its worse this time.

She picked up habits from the girls she was with.

Shes pulling her hair out.

Slitting her wrists.

She tried to commit suicide twice.

She's only eleven years old.


Do you remember what you were like at eleven?

Sometimes I feel like killing her myself

Sometimes I feel like killing myself.

I live in fear of the day when id do either.

*will tell you the full story once i stop crying*
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