February 24, 2009


Im leaving the country for a few days .
Getting away from the hectic days ahead.

To everyone Happy National/Liberation day.

Hope your cars are safe from all the juvenile delinquents littering our streets.
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February 22, 2009

Hot Dr's

There might not be hot male drs in the polyclinic where i work

but Damn all the woman are smokin!

there all gorgeaus
tall ,thin, and skin clear as glass

shino hatha!

and on top of it all they have wonderful personalities too
so there the kind of pretty girls you cant help but like!

Its like a prerequisite to be gorgeous to work here!

even the mother of two is a stick figure.

And the only person that was remotely over weight
with the tiniest belly ...
turns out shes nine months pregnant!

oo mako ghair one male Dr sheefa .. maynti6ala3 ..

Ok i gotta go run around the block now or get a facial or something ...
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February 20, 2009

Spoilt Brats

Why are the youngest children in the family spoiled brats?

their always the rudest
always get away with everything

they do things their older siblings were never allowed to do at their age!

The bigger the gap between the youngest and the sibling right before, the ruder they are!


do parents just get too tired of parenting!
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February 18, 2009

حملة لا للمقاطعة, نعم للتواصل بأخلاقه

i saw this on table mountains blog and thought its worth mentioning on mine.

I wish a lot more people had this kind of reasoning
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February 16, 2009

Gossip Girl

a friend and i were talking about gossip girl and what if something like that existed in Kuwait.

We sure love to gossip, but were very sensitive about public gossip.

even on TV series they would never use family names. its just not done

ya3ni if i know something and i tell a group of friends who go around and tell it to another group and in three hours everyone in Kuwait is talking about it
its very different than me posting it online

why do u think that is?
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February 14, 2009

Unnecessary Phone Calls

I hate it when i call someone and they pick up to tell me they cant talk right now.
How can u not talk when you just picked up.

Its either you can pick up or you cant !

So save us a very unnecessary sentence and ignore the call

itll still send the msg : u cant talk right now!
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February 12, 2009

Past Couple Of Weeks

So I'm back.

Where have i been ?

No where interesting


Yep i finally got me a job.

At the polyclinic next to our house. I'm exactly 1 roundabout away from my work place.

The people with me are very nice.

Mostly girls.

I was looking forward to working with hot men.

But i only saw 1 male Dr with me and he wasn't hot.

So there goes that dream.

I missed you guys!

I have never been away from my blog this long!

But cause my sleeping pattern is waaay off i go to work with barely 2 hours of sleep and come back dead. blah blah blah boring explanation blah blah snore.

a lot has been going on

We discovered our maid has a lover.
The cashier at our coop.

And she tried sneaking him into our house the horny slut.

My mama was like intay ma testi7een! have you no shame !

And she said ana hibbi hibbi

7abetich garada goolay ameen!

If i cant sneak a guy into our house then no one can!

Her excuse was shes 27 and old and needs to snag a husband NOW.

malat 3alaiha .

I have been doing nothing but sneezing all day, i couldn't even get any work done !

My nose is red and my eyes are puffy. So i guess its a good thing i have no hot male colleagues :p

OK what have i missed guys?!!


I hate being out of the loop!
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