October 31, 2009


We had a big bash for Halloween!

The girls looked AMAZING

They did a great job.

The decorations and the foood

oh my god the food!

The desserts!

I must have had 7 kilos of chocolates !

They had heads and ghosts hanging all over the place, and blood on the floor.
There was even a skeleton to keep you company in the bathroom.

The lighting was great too, dark and misty.. i switched on the lights after ppl left to take pics for u ..

A very fun night !

SO what are you guys dressing as for Halloween?

Are you doing anything special?

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October 28, 2009

Please Hide The Bride

My friends have been planning this huge gathering for a long time.
Suddenly soos calls and says shes not coming.

Why we ask?

her sister grabs the fone and says we forbid her from leaving the house..

oookay.. WHY?

soos says so you guys can forget the way i look so i can look different for my wedding night.

Her wedding is in a couple of weeks.

Dude.. we have been living together for the past 6 years

two weeks is not gna make us forget ur face..

Hell i cant forget the way u look even if i wanted to!

shakhbaaareee !!

Brides hide before the big day..


People can be so funny!

Do you guys know of any other weird things brides do before their wedding?

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October 23, 2009

Cheap Perfume & BO

i had a patient at the clinic today who decided to shower in some cheap perfume.

He sat in the chair, and every time i leaned forward to try and work i would sneeze, and sneeze, then sneeze some more.
My eyes started watering and i had to take my mask off, which just made it worse.

Why do people shower in perfume.. and nasty perfume at that..?

and the icing on the cake was my assistant..

the guy has the nastiest body odor ever..

It was like i was stuck in a gas chamber, with nasty perfume and BO..

This could be used as a torture mechanism ..

In the end i had to leave the room and ask one of my colleagues to take over..

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October 19, 2009

Weekend Travel

Last weekend i went to Cairo.

I cant seem to get enough of this city.

Since I go a lot i don't do the touristy thing anymore.

so i have no pictures for u of pyramids or mummies.

But i did eat yummy egyptian food at abu elseed.
I love that resturant!

I went to see a chick flick

went to get my nails done at the nail spa

lovin the color

went to diwan my favorite bookstore in egypt

got me a few books

Hung out at my fav. cafe

Had lots of smoothies!

Had breakfast at the marriott. A must for me
whenever im in cairo!

Whats cairo without its traffic!

or its ancient black n white cabs.
some of them as old as the pyramids :P

Tourism police

Shopped at the Beymen

I heart Naeem Khan

Got me these sexy babies
(and i wonder why im always broke!)

Hung out with e3laiwee
my fav kid in the world :**

Went to Lai Thai at the 4 seasons


Although last time i said i would never fly Egypt air again.. i did, this time it wasn't bad, although the food still majorly sucked .
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October 13, 2009


Im ALWAYS broke.

Im so bad with money. The minit i get paid, im broke .

i need to learn how to manage my money.

But how? Can it be taught aslan?

The only solution i can think of is to lock myself at home and not go out!

Thats not realistic!

I get paid well. some of my girlfriends even save up a good sum every month.

One of my girlfriends gets paid a quarter of what i do, she manages to live the good life and save up..


HOW does she do it!

I cant unlock the secret!

I dont believe in saving. Im young, single, its time to spend and spoil myself!

But its also nice to have money to actually spend. Or by the end of the day have something to show for it.

I come home broke, so i think about where i spent all my money, and i cant remember!

This needs to change NOW!

How do you guys manage?

Can you give me any tips?!!
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October 5, 2009

End Of The World Is Near

I joined a gym!

I decided to do something about my back pain.

It hasn't been easy since the last time i exercised was ... well .. never.

And i discovered people haven't been lying to me all those years. It does feel good!

So im hoping ill stick to it.

I don't work out on the machines though. Its just too boring for me!
I mostly take classes, like aerobics and all that jazz.

I prefer riding a bicycle outside than going to the gym any day, but im waiting for the weather to get better.

What about you guys?
Do you prefer outside activities or indoor?
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