April 24, 2010

Nakhee, Bajela & a Moral Story

When I was just a little kid, i was out with my aunt somewhere in shwaikh.

On the way back I told her I wanted some Nakhee, Bajela and iranian bread for dinner.

She bought the stuff for me and while driving down the street she saw a young man in dirty clothes helping a very elderly looking man in even dirtier clothes stand up right.

She looked at me and said " eshda3wa why don't we give the poor man the food we have now and when we get closer to home ill buy you some more"

I remember shaking my head vigorously. " no i want my food"

My aunt gave me a look and said "but eshda3wa you don't want that very old man to go to sleep hungry do you? 7aram."

I reluctantly agreed. and my aunt rolled down her window and called the young man over. after inquiring about him for a bit she handed him the food, and the young man beamed and headed over to his father who waved at us and then lifted his hand up in prayer.

The whole way back between my questions every 3 minits about her buying me new food, she explained to me about how there are people less fortunate than us in this world, and about how whenever we can we should always help them.

I don't know how much my little self absorbed that day, but i saw my aunt repeating the same thing time and time again.

My grandma used to fill boxes with sandwiches and go distribute them to the poor workers in petrol stations, super markets, the chabra.
we used to do that nearly every weekend.

I was familiar with the concept of giving to the poor, but that day my aunt taught me how to give up something that was mine. Something that i wanted to have , not something i made to be given away.

I think many of us over look that.

A few days ago while i was with her in the car again, her grandchildren wrecking havoc in the back seat, we stopped for nakhee and bajila.

In the parking lot of the jam3ya she saw a man sweeping the street. She handed her 8 year old grandson some nakhee and bread and told him to go give it to the man and say thank you.

I heard her repeat the same story she told me years ago to the eager faces of the little kids.

I saw their brows furrow and their little heads nod.

And the only thing i thought was wow.

I wish their were more people like my aunt around.
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April 19, 2010

Car Tunes

I'm not a big music fan.

Usually on the way to work i listen to either the news or a do3aá.

Cause music this early in the morning annoys me .

On the way back though id listen to the radio.

Every time i listen to 99.7 there playing winter wonderland.
Bara el jaw eghbaar oo 7ar and they still insist on playing winter wonderland.

Yuba khalas el winter i swear.

And whats up with them by the way . Its like they have 15 songs that they play over and over again!

I just prescribed to the TED talks podcast so i can listen to interesting ideas on the drive to work.

What do you guys like listening to on the way to and from work?!
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April 17, 2010

Winter Visits Kuwait

Did winter realize its been neglecting us and decided to make up for it?

I woke up to a sound of banging.

My room was pitch black.

I look at my phone its 7.30 am.

I got out of bed and looked out my window.

The sun slept in. Its a no show today.

And winter sent its furious children.

Rain and wind. There in a fight with the dust outside, and theres no telling whos winning.

But winter forgot its most important daughter. The only one i enjoy spending some time with, the COLD.

Its so stuffy outside!

Jaw 3ajeeb ghareeb!

rain rain go away and don't show ur face any other day wayed a7san!

I cant keep my car clean and its pissing me off!

Do you guys like the rain?
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April 14, 2010

Whatever Happened To Terry Fox ?

I remember while in school ,every year, the terry fox run benefiting cancer was held.
It was the event of the season.
Hoards of people would gather near SAS
and the marathon would start.

They gave out ribbons. I think they were orange if I remember correctly.

Whatever happened to the terry fox run?
Why did it stop?

Did any of you guys ever take part in it?

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April 12, 2010

Safat Alghamin

My co-worker saw this on her way to work.. she said it was somewhere near alandalous.
The whole street was lined with safat alghanim cars and balloons.

anyone know whats up?
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Little Girls Are Angels

I'm convinced that little girls are angels,
there's no other explanation for something this pure and beautiful!
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April 10, 2010

Board Games I Want

If you know me then you know i LOOOVEEE board games.
Heres a list of board games that i want, but did not find in kuwait.

Super scrabble the deluxe edition.
Where you can actually turn the board and the letters wont slide all over the place!

Reminds me of nabat, jamad, esim bint esim walad game we used to play as kids.

Not the regular one!
The one with bendy bob!
i love bendy bob!

What about you guys?
What board games do you like?
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April 6, 2010

Review: Think Cafe & Restaurant

For the past few months I’ve been studying for my MD, or some shit like that, and I’ve been struggling to find the most efficient location to get some work done. There are way too many distractions at home, and I get distracted way too easily in commercially developed coffee shops.

On March 20th, Think Café & Restaurant was officially opened and seemed to cater to my needs. Their description on facebook states that Think has a “professional yet cozy ambiance to hold ur business meetings, student group meetings and even ur chillin' out get-away hangouts.” Despite their desperate plea to attract customers in anyway possible, I was curious to checkout their “professional/cozy ambience.” To me, professional cozy ambiance sounded like the product of Kinko’s shagging East Village B Café – I was really eager to know whether Think is the perfect little place to finish up (or start off) my academic review.
What follows are some pictures and a brief review of Think Café & Restaurant

The pictures above portray Think Café & Restaurant just as similar as any other café here in Kuwait. Their menu was overburdened with carb-elicious desserts and fridge-d salads and sandwiches. There warm/cold beverages include Nutella hot chocolate, peach iced tea and a variety of energy cocktail mixes. In Think, however, there was delightful amount of sunlight coming into the café. It was almost like walking into a contemporary art museum.. without the nude sculptures of course. Though they do have several enlarged photographic art displayed throughout the café and is said that they will be switched out every few months. So if you do want to publicize your art, this might be a good affordable way to do so. The current artists are Zainab Dashti, Mothi AlShuwaihan, Mahdi Jaber Ali, Ali AlAttar, created a custom series dedicated to Think Café & Restaurant.

Bellow, you’ll begin to see that Think’s concept is definitely new to Kuwait. The café is well equipped with Wi-Fi, computer stations, and a printer station, above other things.

Here is one of the four computer stations. What is quite impressive about the work stations is that you get to have a little smart card that you insert into the computer in which you can save all of your personal settings and documents for the next time you log in. Pure genius!

The conference room displayed in the picture bellow these words is probably my favorite part about Think. Within the café itself, is a separate conference room available for anyone’s professional meetings or group studies. They charge K.D.15 an hour and it includes 8 beverages. The room is equipped with wires that enable users to connect their laptop to the flat screen TV for better projection.

Overall, I absolutely liked my experience at Think Café & Restaurant, however, next time I’m packing my own Little Mermaid lunchbox along with my books.

They’re located in Kuwait City, somewhere next to AlRaya.
Their Facebook group has more information including their contacts and address.

Reviewed by,

Flounder & Styx

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April 5, 2010

Quarter Of A Century Old Young

So another year has passed.
Im a year older.
I dont know about wiser though.

Last year was a pretty good year for me.

I traveled quiet a bit.

Met a few interesting people.

Celebrated major events.

Weiner moved back!

and so much more.

But heres to an ever better year inshalah ..

and yeah hopefully this means ill be back to blogging regularly!
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