June 29, 2010

Wedded Bliss

For the past week i was out of the country, hence my lack of activity in the blog sphere.

I just came back from Cairo, where i spent one of the most amazing weeks of my life.

I was there to attend 7alawa and kimos wedding.

I have been to many many weddings all over the world, but nothing comes even close to this one!

It was a spectacular event.

The room was just generating with love.

I cant get over it

mashalah mashalah allah yhaneehum.

We have all been together since forever.

We have known each other as ugly pre-pubirty adolescence

and even uglier post puberty adolescence.

And to be standing around such a beautiful couple, surrounded by people i have known for most of my life was ... the epitome of happiness

To 7alawa n kimo

I love you guys
And i wish you nothing but happiness and love
(with me ma3akom akeed!)
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June 17, 2010

Making Amends

A couple of years ago i had a falling out with a person who used to be really close to me.

I cant tell you what the falling out was about, and the reason i cant tell u is because i dont remember !!

I was at the avenues and i saw her.
And in my head i was all oh my god its bessa!

I started walking towards her then halted.
Were not talking!

I waited for the familiar sence of anger when i thought of her and there was nothing!

Why am i not talking to you bessa?!

True we had our differences, but we were a lot more similar.

True we had our rough patches, but our life was full of smooth runs.

True we are never going to fully approve of the way we run our lives, but we can always agree to disagree cant we?

When we had the falling out, were waiting for the other person to take the first step.

But were as stubborn as each other.
And neither of us did.

I felt i was wronged and insulted, and my pride and dignity come above all else.

And she felt she was totally within her rights and waited for me to apologize.

And here we are two whole years later.

We missed so many big events in our lives.

I missed the birth of her daughter, and her first birthday.

She missed my graduation, my first job, my breakdown.

was it worth it?

Are we beyond repair?

How would she react if i call her?

Do i want to find out?

bessa ya bessa ... i miss u

and i love u
forever and extra foreverness

should i call?
or has it been too long?
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June 12, 2010

London Elephants

The Thing i have noticed when walking around in london were elephants!
All over the place!

a very very creative idea to raise money to save the asian elephant.

I wish i could buy me one for my room.

I loved them.

Here are a few of the pics i snapped.

They were too many to upload so i just picked randomly.

Which one do you guys like the most?
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