July 28, 2010

Recycling mobile phones and other consumer equipment

Motorola is a strong proponent and supporter of global environmental sustainability and recycling programs. On our own and in partnership with our carriers, customers, retailers and recyclers, we operate takeback programs across the globe.

Recycling mobile phones and other consumer equipment

Small products such as mobile phones, two-way radios, batteries and accessories can be dropped into our ECOMOTO Takeback bins at the following address:

ecomotobinMotorola Ltd
UASC Office Building
1st Floor, Airport Road
P.O. Box 330, Salmiya 22004

Returned products are sorted to identify any components which can be re-used; other materials are recycled or disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

Recycling business equipment

You should have received details on the process for dealing with waste electrical and electronic equipment from your Motorola sales channel. If you are not sure of the process, complete the Business Equipment Takeback Enquiry Form and a Motorola representative will respond as soon as possible.

I got all the information here

I think its wonderful.

Has anyone ever tried dropping anything off?

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July 20, 2010


All i could feel was the wetness seeping down my legs.

I knew i pissed myself but i didn't care.

you could see the stain growing at the front of my jeans, down the side of my legs.

The smell of my own piss filled my nose.

beads of sweat tickled my upper lip, but i didn't dare lift my hands to wipe them.

Did he notice my piss?

If he had, he didn't acknowledge it.

i could feel his breath at the back of my neck, his tongue in my ear.

I wont hurt u he said, just stay calm.

calm .. calm.. calm

i wanted to fight back.

I wanted to kick and scream.

I wanted to scratch him.

Get his skin under my nails, like iv seen on tv.

all those self defense classes i took were all in preparation of this moment.

But as his tongue worked its way down my neck,

and his hands grazed my breast almost tenderly, i had no energy in me.

I pissed myself. I cant believe i pissed myself.

i could feel his teeth biting down on my shoulder.

It should have hurt me , but it didn't. i was beyond feeling.

my legs couldn't hold me anymore, so i collapsed.

I felt his grip tighten around my waste and his hand pulled my hair snapping my head backwards.

stand up bitch!

i wanted to. I didn't want to anger him, but i couldn't.

I could see myself.

my soul was standing in the corner of the damp bathroom. watching my body get violated.

My hair, my beautiful locks held in his filthy hands.

and my piss, my piss staining my good jeans.

he let go of my hair and started to unbuckle my belt.

Its gna happen.

Its gna happen right now.

he let me fall to the floor, and my head banged hard.

I wish it would have knocked me out so i wouldn't witness what would happen next.

he took off his pants and started masturbating.

watch me bitch.
look at me you filthy whore.

I watched myself watching him.

My eyes glazed over.

he got on top of me. we lay in a twisted, awkward position.

tell me you want me he whispered.

tell me !

his mouth covered mine.

I could feel the small tiles poking my hips.

Im sure its gna bruise.

then i felt it.

bile rising in my throat.

His tongue invading my mouth.

hard, urgent.

my stomach acids causing a burning sensation.

his tongue,
the tiles,
my piss.

I threw up.

Right in his mouth.

barfed all over him,

all over me.

I never felt so happy.

he got off of me and kicked me in the ribs.

It should have hurt, i know it should have.

crazy bitch he said

and kicked me on the head.

everything started blissfully spinning.

met him in a bathroom there he took my life,
met him in a bathroom stabbed me with his knife
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July 15, 2010

The Power Of NOW

Recently my friend has been trying to get me to read
The Power of Now.

a spiritual self help book.
I hate self help books, but shes been raving about how it changed her life, how shes a happier more complete person.

Why i asked her.

She says cause now i live in the NOW. Not yesterday, not the future. I really appreciate my now.

So zeze im gna ask you this miss power of now.

What if my NOW really really sucks?

Then what?
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July 12, 2010


I cannot stop thinking about fahad.

Fahad was my patient. 21 years old, he had just beat canser.

I was so proud of him.

Fahad needed to have all his teeth pulled out.

Every single one.

21 and toothless.

But he had a sense of humor.

The first time i met fahad, I gave him his post exraction instructions written on a paper.

He looked up at me and told me he cant read.

And neither can his friend who was with him all the time.

You see fahad is bedoon. He has no nationality. And it kuwait apparently it means your not classified as human.

He had no nationality so he had no right to an education.

and that just broke my heart.

there are many fahads out there lilasaf.

And i want to do something about it.

I want to take it upon myself to teach fahad how to read and write.

Iv spent months asking around and researching how i can go about doing that.

Its been the hardest task iv ever set my mind to.

Everywhere i turns there seems to be an even bigger obstacle waiting for me.

Ill tell u guys more about it later.

Something has to be done.
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July 11, 2010

Changing The World One Bottle at A Time

My lil cousin bought me this shirt.
She said when she first saw it she thought of me cause im always lecturing them on recycling.

How cute is she?!

What do you guys do to help the environment?

Do you AT LEAST recycle?
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July 7, 2010

Travel Pictures

i travel quiet a bit.

and i always take blog friendly pictures.

you know ones where no ones identity is violated.

Pictures of things i like

a lot of pictures of my shoes (laish , madre)

but i never ever post them!

last summer i managed to post about

but i never got around to posting about anything else!

I have a good 200 pictures i want to upload !

7ade ba6a chabd nafsee!

I wanted to upload my sirilanka pictures 6 months ago!

so damned lazy

*slaps herself*
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July 4, 2010

Khalid Alfadalah

Yesterday I went to the the National Democratic Alliance headquarters in support of Khalid Alfadalah.

Above is a vedio of Khalids arrest.

The next one is of the speech his father gave yesterday.
It was heart wrenching listening to his father talk.
He made everyone tear up.

Whats even more heart wrenching is that something like this is happening in Kuwait.
Land of democracy.
and caused by who?
One of its top leaders.

Khalids basic right of freedom of speech violated.
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Making Amends II

I called figi and asked her, figi why arent we talking to bessa?

And she said want me to list everything or just the top 100?

But then i remembered the dates story.

Once we were flying back home and it was ramadan. So during the meal they gave out packets of dates. I love dates!

Bessa was sitting far away from me and fig.

During the flight she got up and gave me her dates :(

She said i was saving them for you.

She didn't eat her dates even though she was fasting, and she loves dates as much as i do!

God bessa you can be so stupid sometimes

I wanna slap u senseless!


I called her !

We talked for a long while.

And im going to see her tomorrow cause figi gave birth to a tiny baby girl!

Two happy occasions

And god do i feel good!

I missed my friend.

So whoever is out of touch, or in a meaningless argument.

Make amends.

Life is sooo much better when you have the people you love around you.

*note to fig : this time I AM kidnapping your baby!
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