January 20, 2011

Second Hand Bookstore

I love book stores!, while browsing on line i discovered we have a second hand bookstore in Kuwait!

I cant wait to go check it out

Below is a map to the store called "Better Books Bookstore "

Has any1 been to it or even heard of it before?

Im so excited :D

Better Books located in Salmiya, Block 10, behind Al-Rashid Hospital.

Desert Girl has better directions on her blog
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January 18, 2011

Acts of Kindness

There's a lot of construction going on in our neighborhood. The baladiya has turned all our roads up side down. So everyone parks in this big yard behind our house.

Yesterday when i was leaving for work, i found the baladiya ppl have dug a big hole in front of the exit.
I was stuck.
There was no way for me to get to work.

Three guys were standing outside their house.
One of them signaled me to stop, While the other two carried a huge plank of wood and covered the hole with it.

Then they crouched down, held on to the plank so it wouldn't move, and guided me out of the bara7a.

They didn't have to do that.

They didn't have to take time out of their day, mess up there dishdashas, dirty there hands to help me, but they did
, and then they just walked off.

I wanted to get out of my car and hug them! they made me so happy.

I went to work with a HUGE smile on my face. They totally put me in a good mood.

The three guys i never met or talked to before.

Thank you !

you make me feel like eldinya lail7een eb khair.

Never underestimate little acts of kindness, they go a long long way !!
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January 3, 2011

The Dark Side Of Cairo

Everyone knows i love Cairo.

The are many many things i love about that city, but there are also many things that really and truly sadden me.

Sitting in Khan AlKhaleli, an old bazaar, filled with coffee shops, people milling around. It is a major tourist attraction in Cairo.

I see a little 3 year old boy walking around with a toy in his hand.

I wave to him and try to talk to him. He looked a bit sick and wasn't in the mood. His older sister or cousin was standing rite there with him.

The boy walked away and i saw him being lead by an older woman to a far corner.

A few minits later he came out crying very very quietly, holding his arm.
Which i swear to you was broken.

My aunt called him over and hugged him. Asking him wats wrong. His older sister chipped in. His grandma called him over and beat him up for not being hyper and cheerful so he would collect more money.

He wasn't making enough she said. He wasn't working like he should be.

If only you could see the pain and hurt that were in that little boys face. If only you could have seen the devastation.

I'm writing this to you with tears streaming down my face. He broke my heart.

All my mom could say was 7esbe allah wani3ma elwakeel 3ala ahlik.

That child has no childhood. No innocence. No time for play.

He will never go to school. He will grow up to be nothing and no one, just like the thousand kids before him.

The sister told me that only some of them go to school, but the rest of them have to work.

How can the Egyptian government allow this to happen?

This has been going on for many many years, and there are no indications that it will stop.

No one is taking a substantial stand against it.

God all i wanted to do was find the grandmother and beat her to a pulp. i wanted to hurt her, to cause her pain. to break her like she broke that tiny child.

something must be done.

Now. Today. This moment.
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