May 18, 2011

Finding The Right Gym

Im no athlete. But i understand the importance of working out.
I try to work out whenever possible, and im like most people. Id get motivated for a while then the motivation wears off and im back where I started.

You see my problem is this : i cannot find the right gym.

I was happy with my gym until recently when weird ppl started joining.
One woman started cursing in the middle of class. total turn off.
The other one decided the lighting was giving her a headache and switched all of them on ruining the mood of the whole class.

Also i have noticed people working out in there pjs and the one that scares me the most works out in her big 6ambookha.
If shes in the class i leave. Not only because her 6ambookha is a danger to those around her, but im keeping the other reasons to myself.

What i want in a gym :

I hate working out on machines. they bore me out of my mind.

I need a gym that offers a variety of classes at many different times.

The trainers have to be professionals.
If im in a class and the trainer is fatter than the people attending , i leave.

The crowd definitely affects my mood.

I like small classes where very few people attend.

I would love for the gym to be 3agad/hailag free.

id rather the gym has women only classes.

The gym has to be super clean.

I like gyms that don't allow you to bring mobile fones to the work out areas, or bring in children.

Is that too much to ask for?

Your input/recommendations are highly appreciated.

Also id love to hear about your gymming nightmares!
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