July 5, 2008

Dear Blog

My little sister is about to take a very important step forward in her life.. and she needs her family's support. Mainly me. But apparently to her support means do my work for me!
Shes getting her university papers and applications in order, and i being the supportive older sister that I am told her to send me her stuff so that i do it for her.. Guess what blog.. did she send me all i asked for? No!!
She thinks that everything is a minor and fixable
even loosing your SAT scores which are a must for getting accepted at the university.
Then when i tell her off for her boroood and irresponsibility what does she so casually tell me?
Lets go somewhere we can shop!

SHOP really?!
you might not get accepted into uni and u want to discuss shopping options with me?!

so she might think im being a rotten ******
but im only looking out for her well being.

She still has a lot to learn, and i hope leaving the nest will teach her how to take on some responsibility.

So instead of taking it as a 3ibra not to ask me for advice my dear sister... how about you actually TAKE my advice and do as i tell you :**

love always
your older and wiser sister.
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