June 29, 2008



I'm afraid of mannequins!

they seriously scare me, whenever I'm in a store I avoid going near them.
I'm always afraid they'll come to life and just go BOO!

i have issues!
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June 28, 2008

Dream Big

you can do anything you put your mind to
and you can do them in stilettos
-Kimora Lee
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June 25, 2008


No not me ... ekh

Two of my closest friends, 7alawa and kimo got engaged today.
They called me during their party.
I couldn't be happier. Actually I would have been happier had i been there!
I cried for hours after I heard.
I grew up with those two.
They have been dating since 10th grade! we were what 15!
Kimo finally maned up and popped the question.
well.. there was no question popping but you know what i mean.

Wow.. I cant believe that one of us is getting hitched!

weren't we in eight grade like yesterday?

Kimo and 7alawa, i wish you all the happiness in the world!

Oh My God! Were finally Gna have a baby! yaaay!
The things were gna do to ur fugly kids!

I love you both very much :**
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June 24, 2008

Fabulously Fit

Jennifer Nicole lee

Can you believe she used to be 200 pounds!
After having her second baby she decided she wanted to be hotter and tighter than all the high school girls out there. She put herself on a strict diet and exercise regiment. It all paid off when she won miss bikini title in 2006. After that she became unstoppable.
Gracing the cover of magazines, appearing on numerous TV shows. She is also the co-creator of the 6 exercise DVDs entitled Fabulously Fit Moms. And if that were not enough she runs over half a dozen businesses!

That's what I call determination!

I want to be fabulously fit, but I don't want to exercise, shloon?
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June 20, 2008


ya jama3a i am DONE!
I am freee freee i tell you freee!!

yaaay me!

grades will be out soon.
i didn't do too well on my last exam since i decided to have a nervous breakdown instead of actually studying, but i still have hope that i passed everything with flying colors!

*does the happy dance*

Lots of things to do!
Fig and I are having a huge dinner party at our place tonight.
Everything is bitter sweet.

Fig is leaving by the end of the week and i know im going to cry my eyes out.
Shes 6 months pregnant and has a husband waiting for her back home.
But me im a 3zoobiya, i plan on staying here for a few weeks.
Pack and visit all my favorite places and spend as much time as possible with my cousin and her adorable baby.

God i hate goodbyes!

I shall resume my blogging duties after figi leaves.
I missed u guys!
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June 17, 2008

Mi Casa Su Casa

Since I let Fig post on my blog, i thought why not open it up to the public.
Someone emailed me a short story and asked me to post it, which I will soon inshallah.

So people my blog is your blog, if you would like to post something ANYTHING on it just email it to me, and i will post it as is, unless i deem the content inappropriate in which case i shall let you know.

My email is available on my profile.

ill be posting till mid july.
So hurry up!

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The state of AlJahra

شتبون ؟
ما صوتوا حالكم حال باجي الديره ؟
كل يوم طالعلي واحد يبجي الجهرا راحت والجهرا راحت
دوله مستقله بروحها غزتها الكويت واحتلتها؟
نص مليون نسمه ومافي احد يمثلها
ليش هالنص مليون نسمه ماصوتوا حق واحد منهم وفيهم
منطقه بدائره حالها حال باجي مناطق الكويت
واحلى شي اللي طالعين يبونها سته!

واهم شي بقناة سكووب يوم مباراة المنتخب مع الامارات حطوا صوره اعضاء الدائره الرابعه اللي فازوا ماسكين سيوف والعنوان الجهرا انوخذت واحد حاطها على النت .. فمقدم البرنامج د.جاسم الشمري عصب على هالصوره وقال المفروض نرفع عليه قضيه ليش كاتب الجهرا انوخذت لان هالجمله اطلعت من قناة سكووب
صراحه المفروض ترفعون قضيه لان شلون يتجرأ ياخذ منكم هالمقوله المبدعه

Get over yourself people!
Seriously Grow up!

** Post by Fig **
(my roommate)
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June 14, 2008

Soccer Vs Studying

My roommate fig is in the living room watching the Kuwait vs UAE match.
I locked myself in my room. I cant watch it. Galbi y3awerni.
I'm a very big Kuwaiti soccer fan I mean i used to be a big kuwaiti soccer fan before the ever so humiliating deterioration of our montakhab.
So i never watch. I feel like crying every time i do.
Even when we win (which is rare and few) i still feel like crying.

But fig has faith.
Big faith, considering were not watching any of the EU matches cause we need to be studying.
I want to graduate god damn it!

anyways so while I half heartedly focus on my periodontally treated teeth, im praying that my roommates wasted time is worth while.
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June 9, 2008


1 -
When I eat ice cream i don't just scoop up a spoonfull. It has to always be smooth on the surface, so i only eat in straight lines

When I get sleepy I start scratching myself, especially my back and hair chinni jarbana.

When someone passes by me with body odor, i have to smell myself !

I cannot use a bathroom if a lot of people used it, even if its my own family members.

When I go to a coffee shop i always order my drinks in a to go cup. The idea of putting my mouth where 100s of people did is not appealing to me, and yet i don't mind using the utensils!

No one is allowed in my room with their shoes on!! It drives me CRAZY! I have to resist the urge to start vacuuming right then and there.

(My roommate told me to write this quirk, which i deem perfectly normal, but she says that i go over board. she actually warns people before coming in. I wanted to ban shoes from the whole apartment but she nearly slapped me! )

** Just two more weeks and ill be done with school!
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June 7, 2008

لجنة دراسة الظواهر السلبية الدخيلة على مجتمع الكويت

لجنة دراسة الظواهر السلبية الدخيلة على مجتمع الكويتي

To be made up of 7 members

الاذكية اللي- came up with the fabulous idea

د. محمد الحويله
د. وليد الطبطبائي
د. فيصل المسلم
محمد براك المطير
محمد الكندري
عبداللطيف العميري
محمد هايف المطيري
د. ناصر الصانع
جمعان الحربش
مخلد العازمي

والاذكى منهم اللي صوتوا و وافقوا على اللجنة

only FOUR people were against it. Only FOUR صاحين بالمجلس كله.

Congratulations Kuwait, now you have someone to teach you how to beehayve (austin powers style)

ًWe'll have a lot more things like
1- segregation : cz we cant have all them boys and girls running around together
2- Shaving long hair : I think they just want to make a fashion statement
3- 8 pm curfew : cz we women cant handle the big bad world after dark

What do you think the لجنه has on its agenda?
What could be next for them?

oh yeah and lets not forget the naughty naughty people of royal Hayat hospital. Lets make that the biggest issue of the season. Cause that is the only way Kuwait is going to become مركز مالي عالمي

هذيل اللي صوتوا لهم و مستانسين عليهم؟
يله اكلوها الحين
رجعة ريمة لعادتها القديمه
قعدوا تحلطموا
oo when u get the chance again
( ردو نفس الاوادم المجلس (معنى اشك فيهم ادمي.
cz thats how change comes about.

Let the games begin !!
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June 2, 2008

Poop & A Fan

The shit hit the fan?

who the hell came up with this?!

and in what scenario will you get shit near a fan!

is someone going to pick it up and throw it at a fan?

wela shino belthab6?

*im still not done with school! I'm so tired! Sorry if i don't get around to commenting/replying/tags :(
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