August 30, 2007

Just Be Average

My sister was wearing an AUK shirt today

it says on the front Be a C student ...

on the back it says









Learn Think Become

i think they ment:

Learn just enough to pass

Think like everyone else

Become average!

Shino Be a C student!!

please tell me the C stands for something extraordinary at the university!

Couldn't they come up with words beginning with

Be an A student??










and these are off the top of my head!

I'm sure they could have come up with a better motto instead of just be a C student!

whatever happened to high expectations!
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August 26, 2007

So im Pregnant

That's how the conversation started, three simple words

My heart skipped a beat, shes not married, i didn't even know she was sexually active

she propped herself on the bed next to me

My head started spinning, what are we going to do?

Her father will kill her i swear, he will buy an electric chair and her mother will pull the switch!

OH my god oh my god oh my god

I tried not to let my face reflect the shock i was feeling

its time to be supportive

supportive of what?!!

she lay her head next to mine on the pillow her hand on her stomach

is she going to get an abortion?!!!

my stomach turned

i felt sick

i cant support her if she wants to kill the baby!

but shes my best friend!

who the hell knocked her up?!!

she must have been raped!

i cleared my throat and barely whispered "what?"

I'm pregnant she said again

your pregnant?

yes I'm pregnant with emotion, i feel suffocated

couldn't she have opened with that God damn it!!

i pulled the pillow from under her head and started to really suffocate her with it!

choose your words wisely people, you can give someone a heart attack!!
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August 8, 2007


(be back soon)
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August 1, 2007

Food Talk

My Girlfriends and i gathered at Y's house for a wonderful lunch

her mom as usual cooked us a delicious meal

this is how the conversation around the table took place

w: wow the food looks good! can i have a teaspoon please

me: why a teaspoon?

w: so i eat less

y: oh my god I'm gna have to spend all of tomorrow at the gym to burn what i ate!

a: you barely had two spoons!

me: s you want some beryane?

s: no i don't eat rice

me: some msakhan?

s: no i don't eat bread

me eating my warag 3nab

c: do u know how many calories ur putting in ur body

me: r u counting

c: yes

me: ur a freak

c: ur gna be sorry

me: shut up

z and D get into a debate about the best diet plan to follow

my 15 year old sister had some pasta she doesn't eat rice, or bread, she doesn't like chicken or meat, i have no idea what she eats!

this happens every time i sit down to have food with ANYONE

be it family or friends

the conversation always turns to diets, weight, gym, i don't know who lost how much

and oh my god i gained two kilos i don't deserve to live

it PISSES me off this obsession with weight!

life is just waaaay to short to waste this much time and energy worrying ur a size six and not a 2


if you dont want to get over yourself then please keep me out of it

I'm not interested in counting calories

cutting out carbs

or eating nothing but cucumbers for 3 days

i don't care if i loose 5 pounds

or gain 10

as long as I'm healthy and my pants fit fine

i am happy and content with the way i look

i aint no jessica alba (and wouldnt mind looking like her)

but im not going to kill myself in the process!

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