July 23, 2009

The Secret Behind Old Men

My dad is getting old!

sayer de3la mayta7acha!

and everything is a big deal

o kela yt7al6am

Which is so NOT like my dad.

Growing up i never even heard my dad so much as raise his voice.
He always taught us to look at the bright side.

Well apparently my dad has been wearing his shades 24/7 cz nothing seems bright to him!


madre shasawe feeh

and dont even get me started on my mom!
hathi ele 9ij to7fa!

So why do old men get so grumpy !
Shouldnt they be older, wiser, CALMER?!!
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July 18, 2009

I Killed The King Of Pop !!

When I heard about the London concerts i was dying for tickets

I wanted to go see MJ more than anything !

But I couldn't get my hands on any!

And when my friend called to tell me that shes going.

I cursed like a sailor and then said " inshallah ymoot 3ashan none of you get to see him"

and then he just dies !

I wished it deep in my heart that if i cant get to see him , then i didn't want anyone else too.. and my wish came true!


law 6alba malyoon moo a7sanli ?!
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July 16, 2009

Kuwait Techno Song !

check out this video clip from DJ DWAIJ and DJ AZOOZ
(Tarek Al-Duaij and Aziz Al-Dikan)
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July 14, 2009


Has anyone ever been to Portugal?

I want to go for a few days, but I have no idea where to go or whats a MUST SEE.

I hate looking for information online..

So any of you have any suggestions ?

Anyone want to come with?
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July 11, 2009

Hello ... Anyone Home?

Have i really been gone that long @@


A LOT of things have been happening ill blog about them as soon as i remember what they are!

They changed my work.. they being the evil people in the ministry of health.
I am no longer one round about away from my house.
Im two roundabouts, two traffic lights, a U turn and two left turns away from my house now.
Which caused me to wake up A LOT earlier than I used to , and that's never a good thing.
A girl need her beauty sleep! dont those imbeciles understand that!

I HATE the new polyclinic i work at. Im not getting a long with the staff. It putting a lot of stress and strain on me. I feel irritated and depressed the whole time im there, and its seeping into my life. But thats a different story for a different post.

Weekend comes and i just dont feel like moving, i have missed so many family gatherngs its unbelievable. Im just too exhausted to move.

I fainted at work, had strange men carry me and burst out cry hysterically, but thats another story for another post.

And if that wasnt enough, i killed the king of pop! But thats a different story for a different post!

Im gonna try and catch up with all your posts, i hate being out of the loop!

oo aham shay ina everything i wrote is for another post!

see see yanait i swear yaninoni hal awadem !

I missed you guys !

I need updates! whats new in the blogosphere
whats new in the world ?
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