August 30, 2009

My Great Aunt Fatma

My dear dear grandmothers sister (allah yr7amha oo yr7am mawtakom).

We went to visit her today. I love going to see her.

She reminds me so much of my grandma 7ayate.

She talks like her, she laughs like her, she dresses like her, and she tells me the funniest stories about my grandma.

I like to sit there and imagine that it is my grandma in front of me, and just for a split second i believe it is.

I have to resist the urge to throw my arms around her and cry my eyes out.

I usually burst into tears after leaving her house, missing my grandma more than ever.

Today she was telling me about sharg. And my aunt promised to take me to where my grandmas house used to be.

As I was leaving i gave her a hug and inhaled the sent of oud and bukhoor. I kissed her head, her shoulders, her cheeks. I cupped her face in my hands and told her ill be seeing her soon.

I want to sit on my grandmas lap again. I want to hear her sing to me. I want to place her hand in mine and play around with her loose skin and ask her yadity shloon eedich 9arat chithy.

My grandma has been gone a long time.
But i still feel her close by

3asakom ma tafgidoon 3azeez inshalah.

yadityy i miss u.
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August 28, 2009

سورة مريم

Since the kids don't have school, and spend most of the day in bed, my aunts decided to utilize their time this Ramadan.

So they decided to teach them "sorat Mariam."

They gather Sundays and Tuesdays for two hours, and hopefully by the end of Ramadan they would have learned the whole thing by heart.

I think its an amazing thing. I'm trying to learn it with them, but i discovered im a lot slower than i used to be in memorizing.

It is so cute watching my aunts surrounded by little girls reciting the quraan.

Anyone want to join us?
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August 25, 2009

Entering A War Zone

A war zone this time of year is the local coop before futoor!!

Oh My GOD!

People are insane!

eshda3wa ya3ni the lack of food does this to people!

esh9ayer beldinya!


I left work around 1 pm and headed to the coop.

When I first entered the parking lot i noticed no one was parked properly.

Every ones car was askew. Taking more than one parking space.

Which caused a lot of people to park in no parking places.

For some reason the lack of order outside did not alarm me.

Even when a man in a huge car came rushing right at me in a one way street and waved his fist at me like i was the maniac.

I parked. Walked towards the coop. It was pretty humid.

There was only one shopping cart left. I took it and discovered it was crooked, but what the hay.

I pushed my way through the door expecting a rush of cold air after the awful humidity outside...

but i got nothing!

Apparently the Ac wasnt working.

I took a deep airless breath and said its ok ill just pick up the few things i need and be on my way.

Brown Flour ... nope finished

Butter... two left, theyll do

Harda... nope nada

French cheese. I walked towards the cheese section and found omat mo7amad.

Apparently everyone in my area was in the coop. The ac-less coop.

Screw the cheese ... I walked towards the cashier and found line so long I couldn't figure out where they ended.

So i dropped everything in my hands and walked out!

What the haiiiilll man !

Now I have to figure out a decent hour to be in the coop without having to fight my way through!
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August 23, 2009

Mbarak 3alaikom elshahar

As promised here are some pictures of my trip.
First stop Athens!
I was only there for one night, but i fell in love with it !

The cab from the airport

We spent the day in Plaka. Which was a beautiful area full of narrow streets, and lots of stores that sold useless knickknacks and souvenirs .
All the restaurants had a great view of the acropolis.

We tried everything on the cart except the raisins cause they were swarming with flies

I love jewelery !

The most amazing chocolate cake !

The Acropolis

Watching the sun set, the view was breath taking !

There was A LOT of graffiti

one of the many restaurants

souvenir shop

We decided to try Greek salad at every restaurant we ate in.
And my friend wanted to have as much feta cheese as humanly possible .

All in all our day in Athens was wonderful.

Next stop

The island of mykonos !

By the way I am finally free of swine flu!

Thanks to everyone who asked about me.

The only bad thing out of getting better is having to go back to work.
But i guess it was inevitable .

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August 15, 2009

3odna wal3awdo a7mado

I'm back!

3 days early!

why u might ask?

Why would i leave early when i was dying to travel

When I used to sit and count the days till i could take some vacation time off..


cz there's a big chance i might have swine flue.

I am currently quarantined in my room. results will be out in 48 hours.

I really hope i don't have it.. Ive been sick for over a week now!

its sucks!!

Spain is way over rated by the way.

and Greece is way underrated!

i LOVE Greece..

so many stories and pictures to share with you.

As soon as i can stop coughing long enough to form a sentence!

*pic above is from my hotel in greece.. i was swimming in that amazing water. e7taraitaw?
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August 1, 2009

Vacation Time!

Im heading to the airport in a few minits..
Im going to Greece and Spain!
Two countries I have never been two before.

Im really excited..
will be back in a couple of weeks ..

If anyone wants anything... greek salad a hot Spaniard let me know ..

eshda3wa is out !
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