July 28, 2007

Pedophlie Rights, Whats next?

In a world full of controversy, i thought the human race agreed on a few things. Taking something that doesn't belong to you is wrong, that is called theft, having sex with someone that doesn't want to is wrong, that is called rape. Having sex with a child is... i cant think of a word to describe the atrociousness of that. No arguments can be made there. or so i thought.

I came upon a few websites online trying to gain pedophile rights, saying its not a disease, its not something psychological they can help. Just like homosexuality it is natural

here are some excerpts from one of the articles:

Ashford is a pedophile.

For most of his life, he has buried his emotions and masked his long-secreted attraction. It wasn't until recently that Ashford decided to throw off the shackles of pedophilia and shed light on what he says is a misunderstood "sexual orientation." Last year, he became perhaps one of the first pedophiles in the world to put his name and face on a Web site to publicly profess his love for children.

"I am tired of being forced into the shadows by society," Ashford said recently in an e-mail interview. "I have committed no crime, therefore there is no good reason that I should have to hide myself. As long as pedophiles continue to hide, there is no chance of them ever being accepted."

This is a view shared by numerous pro-pedophilia groups around the world. In the United States, the most notorious may be the New York-based North American Man/Boy Love Association, or NAMBLA.

According to its Web site, NAMBLA's goal is to end the "extreme oppression" of men and boys in mutually consensual relationships by educating the public on the "benevolent nature of man/boy love," and working to abolish age-of-consent laws.

Pedophilia "has all the same characteristics as homosexuality, transvestism, fetishism, etc.," said Dan Markussen, spokesman for the 100-member association, which was founded in 1985. "Sexual orientation is defined as a lifelong attraction, which pedophilia obviously is."

For the full article :

What is this world coming to?

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July 25, 2007


Once upon a time NIQA and I decided to have our own beach clean up, we picked a filthy beach in salmiya, woke up at the crack of dawn, went to sultan center, bought garbage bags, gloves, and Niqa got a shovel.

We started work while about 20 Tantheefco guys in yellow jumpsuits laughed at us.

For some reason we totally amused them.

There we were 6 am and sweating like theres no tomorrow, filling up garbage bags.

We filled around 4

So Niqa was like lets carry those to the dumpster and then get back to work

alright i say u take 2 and ill take the other two

we try to lift..
no use too heavy

we each try to lift 1

still too heavy

so then we both decide to lift the same bag
Lift... nope, still cant.

We asked the tantheef men to help lift the bags, but they turned away.

Anyways, after a couple of hours working in the scorching heat of the kuwaiti sun, we quit.

Left the garbage bags with the filth in them and figured someones gna throw them away sooner or later.

I told you this story because, i JUST found out theres a place where you can volunteer, where you will actually find people to lift these bags!

I didn't know! Weiner did you?!!

I'm definitely checking them out after my vacation

For people who want something rewarding to fill their time with, check out their web site

oh and people


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July 23, 2007

Makes you Think

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July 20, 2007

BLOODY HELL [english accent]

Have u guys been to the marina waves on a Thursday night?

its a scene out of the fast and the furious!

except replace the sexy women with 12 year old girls

and replace the macho gangsta look with 14 year old boys trying to look cool with cigarettes in their hands.

Fights breaking out everywhere, little kids running around with unidentifiable objects trying to beat each other up

the 14 year old wana be gangstas have the trunks of their cars open with music blaring, you can see the driver sitting 10 feet away

little girls grinding with the dude from the hood

i could not believe my eyes

11 pm and a bunch of adolescences turning the place into a zoo

My Friend H said shes gna go call the security guard to deal with these juvenile delinquents and break up the fights

this is how it went

H: excuse me, don't you see these kids fighting

Security guard: yes

H: why arnt you doing anything about it

S.G: let me ask you this, are they using chairs from the coffee shop?

H: No ?

S.G: did they break plates, glasses , or even ash trays

H: No

S.G: did they break any trees

H: what are you trying to get at here! call the cops!

S.G: the cops got tired o us calling them to break up fights, so we have strict instructions not to call them unless private property is damaged

H: are you kidding me!

S.G: No miss, they said even if they take out knifes and start stabbing each other we are not to call them unless an ash tray is broken

This is preposterous!

First id like to direct my words at the parents o these juvenile delinquents!

Why in the name of everything good on this earth are little boys and girls out till 11pm at night unsupervised!


you bring kids into this world take responsibility god damn it!

Don't leave them running around like hooligans!

smoking cigarettes and girls who barely hit puberty dressed like sluts grinding with god knows who!

As for the cops, where do i even start, you lazy good for nothing waste of a profession. You do nothing, you sit around smoking and drinking tea, that is if you decide to show up for work. I don't blame the security guard for not getting involved, cause the kids will probably shred him to pieces!

Why arnt those kids in bed ? why are they not involved in something productive, and what are those parents thinking leaving their kids like that.

If you are one of those parents please answer me, explain to me how your brain works.

I wanted to post pictures, but the blue tooth on my laptop is not working, whenever i get it fixed ill post the fast and the furious Kuwaiti version.

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July 11, 2007

Guilt Trip

Guilt is a very complex emotion

sending others on guilt trips, as mean as it sounds, is very empowering

the things u can get people to do when they feel guilty is nothing short of amazing

parents, siblings, friends, co-workers.

Guilt-trip is my middle name, the person i send packing on these trips the most is my self

hell i feel guilty if someone gives me too much love

i really need to just learn to enjoy things

i feel guilty if i ask my dad for cash, i feel guilty when i plan a trip and not include my sisters

i feel guilty having a very deep conversation with H when i still did not have it with Z

Guilty Guilty Guilty

i felt guilty after going snorkeling, why u mite wonder? cause i thought to myself how would i like it if someone just wandered in my house to just look around

Then i feel guilty about making myself feel guilty

its a vicious cycle

Sending other people on guilt trips mite be fun and beneficiary for the most part, but sending yourself by yourself for nothing, its draining!

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July 6, 2007

Proper Post

When did your early 20's become too old?

A conversation i just had with my mom:-

Mama: Tadreen flana enkha6bat (got engaged)

Me: oh my god laish shes so young!

Mama: shino too young shes 20!

Me: thats young! is she happy?

Mama: over the moon, elzawaj 3agel moo 3omor! wentay kel ma tkbreen tedbreen

me: mabrook i guess

Mama: Some people asked about you

me: tes2al 3anhum el3afya, mino?

Mama: not asked about your well being, asked if you were available for marriage

Me: shino sayara ana sayara 3ashan akoon available! NO this shop is closed!

Mama: you think your still young! your 22 years old! now is the age for marriage, now a7san nass eyoonich! once you turn 27 or 28 eyeeech wa7ed divorced! is that what you want!

Me: Mama we've had this conversation before, I DON'T WANT TO GET MARRIED!

Mama: bala sakhafaa! stop acting like you have forever cause the train is passing you by!

Me: I'm 22 not 40, and I'm not getting married that way

MaMa: fee a7ad eb 7ayatich?!! e3tarfay !

me: what is this an interrogation!

MaMa: tell me!

me: NO!!

Mama: you have to give yourself a chance

Me: when the time is right i will

mama: NOW is the time, kela min hal medaris ele dakhaltkom feeha

Me: medarisna shako?!

Mama: they teach you these things! this is our culture and this is how people get married! get with the programme!

Me: I'm not getting with anything, you know how i feel about this!

mama: ana madre intay shloon rtfakreen

Me: wana madre why u want me to get married

My mom and I have these conversations every once in a while


and screw the god dammed invisible train! ILL find my own ride thank you very much!!
Today is the milcha of this girl i know, she is 15 years old, her husband to be is 19.
How can this be legal?
And both sets of parents should be sent to a mental institute!!
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July 1, 2007


So I'm done with exams

now its just a matter of waiting for my grades to come out (allah yaster)

I'm HOME, and it feels so good to be back
i almost forgot how hot it gets in the summer
been here one day and i already got a sun burn

i saw my new nephew
or the closest thing i have to a nephew
my cousins baby

oh my god hes TINY

I'm afraid ill break him in half or something

this week is gonna be greeting week for me

go see the aunts, friends, hang out, catch up

I'm getting my visas done, still don't know when exactly I'm leaving
probably in a couple of weeks

I'm taking my little sisters and meeting with my friends in Spain, we decided this year were going to countries where we do not speak the language, its gonna be hilarious.

Were thinking: Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, maybe Germany, and Portugal.
and wherever else we feel like
everything is just a small plane ride away
and its going to be AMAZING

of course NQ is demanding we go to remote areas, the country side, where they don't have shopping centers or malls
she thinks i have a shopping problem.

Too bad for her cause i plan to shop like theres no tomorrow

i MISS u bloggers

oh and yesterday my mom asked me about my previous post
shes like what did u mean?
is it something dirty
and my sister and i were like Noooo mama its just an email i got
she kept giving me these looks and saying ur lieing to me arnt you!
it was the funniest thing ever

will have a proper post for you soon :***
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