October 31, 2008

The Stock Market Or Lack Of

A few days ago my mom and i were having coffee with a family friend. In the middle of our very pleasant conversation his fone started going crazy. Beeping, ringing. He got up. Came back his face like a ghost. Devoid of any color.
My mom and i looked at him quizzically wanting to know whats going on but too polite to just ask.

He took a deep breath, hung his head low and said I lost 600 thousand kd in the stock market.
I felt sorry for him. Every time i sit with anyone all they ever talk about is the bor9a. Stocks going down down down. People losing money left and right.

In between our empty non consoling words of consolation ... ma3alaih, allah y3awthik inshallah. The man had tears in his eyes. It was awkward. Then he looks at us and says I lost 600 thousand TODAY. I don't even want to think about the total amount of money i lost in the past two months. Last week it was 200 thousand. I don't want to count! I don't!

So don't i told him calmly. He was getting really agitated.

My god, seriously people. Its sad.

Then he started talking about conspiracy theories. Cause EVERYTHING has to be a conspiracy theory.

The bor9a turned into a hospital with all the people passing out everyday.

All i have to say is inshallah better days are ahead, oo allah y3aweth el kel khair.
Elfloos fedwa etye wetroo7. Ma teswa a7ad yz3al 3alaiha.

And let that be a lesson to everyone.
elni3ma zawalah.
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October 28, 2008

Long Time

Too long for my liking!

i cant believe how fast October passed!

ill update you on a few things

1- left kuwait to settle my sister into university. Its been tiring and hectic. My mom has us running all over the place buying her stuff for her dorm room. She even ripped out the toilet and put in a new one. Cause silvers tush is too precious to sit on a used toilet.
Don't even get me started on the worrying! My god i don't know how my mom puts up with it. I know shes going to be ok. More than ok but my heart still clenches at the thought of leaving my lil sis all alone.

2- Still jobless, and it looks like I'm going to remain that way for a while. Since the freaks at the ministry of no education don't know what they are doing ! The people working there are incompetent jerks! The embassy says they sent my papers. The ministry says they did not receive them. Wana thay3a. Not that I'm in a hurry, but it would be nice to know where my damn papers are.

3- Had a medical scare in the family concerning my 2 year old cousin. For months there has been a strange wheezing sound every time she took a breath. Her asthma attacks increased, and she just wouldnt get better. Everytime my aunt took her to the hospital they would say its a cold. Shal cold ele imchalba mo rathya etroo7. Anyways a couple of weeks ago on her last visit to the Dr. They discovered she wasn't breathing with her left lung AT ALL. Dr said there might be something obscuring the air way or its a birth defect. turns out theres half a roasted watermelon seed blocking it! It was removed and shes perfectly fine now. Dealing with my aunt who freaked out was a lot harder than dealing with the baby!!

4- What is going on in the blog world
My gawwwd! so many things happened while i was gone. blogs deleted, more private blogs. soulmates coming back, and deaths. DR 3atham allah ajrech eb ur grandma :** I still haven't read everything i missed! lots of catching up to do.. update me ppl!

5- What else what else... still working on my inspirational ppl stories. Have a lot completed just want to find the time to publish them. After I'm settled down inshallah

6- Got myself a private trainer. I decided i hate gyms too much to even bother.

7- My baby sister, our 7akooka, is currently applying to schools in the USA, and every time my mom thinks about it she starts crying! she didn't even get accepted yet and already the water works started!

8- Coming home next week inshallah, and planning to travel again soon!
Life is good when ur a bum!
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October 13, 2008


Usually when my family gathers i know there's going to be great food!
Lots of different things to choose from!

Like when I go over for afternoon tea (chay eltha7a)
There's always things like these set on the table

(there's always assorted nuts and baqsam, i cant believe i forgot the baqsam, my aunts are addicted to it!)

Or when I go over for our Friday lunches, you always find things like this

(don't you just love achar!)

(ma3booch which i cant even smell! I'm not a spicy food person)

(i don't even know what this is called, but it was good! lazim a7ad ytfantag)

(marag la7am *drool*)

So when my aunt called to tell me the food is getting cold last Friday, i rushed over to them my stomach singing 5 different tunes. My salivary glands working over time. I couldn't wait to see what they had prepared.
so imagine my surprise when i walked in and found this !!


yanhar eswed wemnayel!
Why ya khaltee WHY!

My cousins and i looked at each other and were like 7ada McDonalds drive thru!
Next time i go over im so gna ask whats on the menu!
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October 11, 2008

Electric Breast Pump

I was on a mission yesterday, looking for an electric breast pump for fig. My friend who recently gave birth too, told me she got a really good one from boots.

I went to every single boots in Kuwait!
And they were all out of electric ones!
Mashallah el kel breast feeding hal ayam.

I was in boots ele next to food court salmiya and i told the lady to ask if they had it in the avenues,
She went to a little store room in the back and told me maam i think they are out of stock everywhere.

Did u call them? i asked

No maam the lines are busy.

Ya salaam! so she just decided to tell me they were sold out to just get me out of her hair!

I asked her for the number and called them myself. A nice lady answered and i asked her if they had an electric breast pump available and she said yes

Electric i asked

yes she answered

Karaba2i i said in arabic just to make extra sure

yes she answered again.

Ok please hold it for me im coming to get in half an hour

So I go allll the way to the avenues. I go into boots and ask for the pump, and she hands me a manual one.

I was tired and fuming !

I told her i called u a mere 20 minits ago asking for one and they said it was available.

So she goes aaah it must be in the other boots on the other side.

So i walk to the other side and go into boots smiling !

Hi i called a while ago asking if u had an electric breast pump and u said it was available.

No maam were all out
It must be in the other store on the other side

I just came from the other store!

(ystahbelooon wela shelsalfa!)

And then this guy standing behind the counter says yeah my coworker did ask me if it was available and i said yimkin. maybe.

(You made me come all the way here on a yimkin!
U couldnt get off ur freaking ass to check!)

So i grit my teeth and say u made me come all the way here on a maybe?

And the guy so casually says
Oh usually when people call us theyre already in the avenues!

(wallah?! e7lif bas! so ppl first come to the mall and call u to ask if a product is available after getting here instead of walking over to the store. shayfni habla wagfa jedamik!)

I stormed out of the store.

Malat 3alaikom zain!

I found one in baroue.

Hiff ma sarat breast pump!
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October 10, 2008

I Want A Baby!

My roommate fig gave birth to a healthy tiny baby boy 5 days ago. She was admitted to the hospital two nights before the actual birth because the baby's heart beat was really weak.
Everything is fine now. I have been sleeping over with her at the hospital. Taking turns with her husband. If he has work then i sleep over, on his off days he sleeps over.
She named him Abdullah, after her dad and his. Two birds one stone! When i first saw him i felt like i had given birth. That he was my baby. I was sitting next to fig on her bed still groggy from the operation holding 3abood and telling him ana mama ana mama
and fig telling me to shut up.
Shes at her mamas house now, she called me yesterday crying telling me she hasn't slept at all. I offered to come take 3abood off of her hands so she can doze off, but her mom (who was up all night too) told me she can handle it.

Then she sent me on a mission to find an electric breast pump.
You would think its an easy enough request
but your wrong my darlings
details tomorrow in the next post.
Going to hang out with baby 3abood now.

*The picture is of one of the gifts i gave my friend. Its a baby blanket knitted by my very own mama. So that its unique and totally personal.
*The baby model in the pic is 3azooz my childhood toy.
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October 7, 2008

Life Is A Movie

I have been waiting to be inspired for a long time now, and not by a celebrity. By someone real I can talk and connect to.

So I have been interviewing people. Mostly family members, and I have to tell u WOW.
Who needs the bald and the beautiful when you have THIS going on.

I interviewed my great grandma (allah y6awel eb 3omrha)
A distant family member
My aunt
Another distant family member, and im still on the look out

Im gna try and see if my uncle would give me the time of day so i can get his story.

Ill blog about their experience ASAP.

I'm currently really really busy .. Going to travel next week and I don't know for how long. I got myself a one way ticket and whenever I get bored ill fly back, but ill try and post at least one story before i leave!

Lots of pictures to post too. Bad ones I might add, bs pictures non the less :)
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October 4, 2008

Whats The Protocol?

So I have a question
When i start work and make my own money
does that mean that my dad is not financially responsible for me anymore?

Ya3ni i get that im not gonna ask him for 20 kd cause im going out to dinner with my friends

but what about when we travel. Does he still give me spending money?

Its not like hes going to buy the family tickets and ask me to pay for my own, but do i still get to ask for shopping money?
and when i run out do i get to ask him for more
or is that like 3aib and i should aste7e 3ala waihi?

Just because i start work doesn't mean i stop being his daughter!

I cant support my own shoe fetish!

So is there like a guide line or something?
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