May 25, 2010

Off To London

I'm off to london!

My god how i miss it .

see you in a couple of weeks!

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May 23, 2010

"Movie Night"

Every few days the girls and I decide to have a "movie night"
I put it in quotes, because for some reason we never get around to watching the movie!!

The last movie i watched was... i cant remember!

We end up baking and talking.

Eating and talking.

Having strange tea infusions and talking.

Or we start the movie. We fall asleep. and never get to finish it.

the last "movie night" we had, wiener made carrot cake.
and we had banana tea. It tastes as weird as it sounds.
We got it when we were in sirilanka. I wouldn't hurry and buy it again.

You guys big on movie nights?!
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May 21, 2010

Stop Staring At Me You Arabs!

This is something that is increasingly bothering me.

People always complain about how when they are out people are always staring at them.

And how blissful it is to be in the west where no one looks twice at you.

Well here's the thing. The only reason you know people are staring at you, is because your staring right back.

Believe me when i tell you your nothing special. So i don't know why its only you that always captures the attention of the whole word.


Waaay the kuwaities kela ykhezooon.

news flash, your kuwaiti too.

Your not better or more sophisticated than every single person out there.

Moo bas intaw ele et3arfoon elsana3 weltharaba oo baji elnass hailag.

If YOU stop staring at ppl then no one would be staring back.

Im so sick and tired of people putting kuwaities and arabs in general down.

This self hatred you have of your people only tells me one thing : your in serious need for therapy.

sa7 wela ana qal6ana?
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May 17, 2010


A while ago my cousins and i went out to lunch in wagamama

every time im there i get nostalgic
i miss London :(

our appetizers

My cousin ordered their "best selling dish"
as recommended by the waiter
and she liked it

My other cousin had shrimp noodles
she always orders everything with shrimps!

so i never taste what shes having
but she says its good

And i had noodles with steak, the noodles were a bit dry though.

We then headed to the cinema

Got served by a very cheerful waiter

We got the usual mixed popcorn
and water

saw an extremely boring movie i don't even remember its name or who was in it

all in all it was a good day!

are you guys fans of wagamama?
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May 12, 2010

Dinner Time

Every night come dinner time my brain STOPS!

I have no idea what to have for dinner and im usually starving by then!

I ran out of ideas

so its up to you guys to tell me what you have for dinner

so i can get inspired.

I don't want to order anything from restaurants.

It has to be home made

and it cant contain cheese or any white sauce

or sea food

so yallah go ahead

inspire me

shino aakel?

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May 8, 2010

Dexter : One Whack Job Of A Human

Lets face it.
Dexter is a monster
a serial killer
he chops people up into little pieces and throws them into the river.

Even though he only kills guilty people with an occasional slip up.
Hes still Satan behind those calm eyes.

That being said, i LOVE him.
Im always rooting for him.
I never want him to get caught.
I always want to see him get his man before the Miami metro police.

Does that make me whack too?

should i blame showtime for making me admire a serial killer?

And what does that say about me?

No really what does it say?!

And that game they developed.

"Help Dexter serve justice and protect his identity while testing your investigative skills"

There giving us a chance to enjoy being serial killers.
This cant be good for kids!
Its putting ideas into their heads!
hell its putting ideas into MY head!

I cant wait for season 5 to start!

Tomorrow Figi and I are gonna have a Dexter marathon.
With lots of ice cream and junk to enjoy while we watch peoples blood oozing from under that plastic wrapping.

I love you Dexter Morgan.

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May 5, 2010

Being Useful

I'm bored
I'm bored out of my mind

I was in the car with my dad today
and i asked him
"baba can i work part time in your office, doing something, anything ?"

and he said theres nothing for me to do there. And why would i want to work part time .

because I'm BORED

and i feel USELESS

i need to occupy my time with something productive.

I tried taking a language class. But i could never coordinate the time with my work shifts.

I tried learning the piano, but i have to patience for it!

I would love to dabble in something that would maybe make me some money.

But that's not a must, or important for that matter.

My dad told me to volunteer.

But where?

and will i feel productive?

will i get my hands dirty?

or will it all be for show?

I want to teach bedoon children that don't get to go to school.
Because its the 21st century and no one should be illiterate.
that is just wrong.

Tell me guys

how do u occupy ur time?

do you know of any useful organizations?

shasawe eb 3mri?

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May 2, 2010

Work Attire

i love wearing colorful shoes to work
since im usually in scrubs and there boring
I like the shoes to make a statement.

What r u guys up to while im slaving away ?
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