May 28, 2007

eshda3wa YuBa!

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A Available or single - Both

B Best friend- someone who has seen the ugliest side of you and still thinks your an angle, someone who's always there and will love you no matter what ( weiner and sarsp :*)

C Cake or pie - BOTH, I have a sweet tooth

D ---- laish mako d?

E Essential item- my glasses

F Favourite color- depends on my mood

G Gummy bears or worms- Gummy bears

H Home town- Kuwait

I Indulgence- Chocolate, ice cream, shoes, books (not necessarily in that order)

J January or February- January (i want to wipe February from the calendar!)

K kids- the more the merrier

L Life- an amusement park or zoo, both work

M Marriage- self infliction of pain

N Number of siblings- 3

O Oranges or Apples- oranges ( if someone else peels them)

P Phobias- i have a driving phobia duno what its called

Q Favourite quote- " Life is a bitch, spank it!" (sophisticated i know)

R Reason to smile- Family, friends, food, Italian men, among other things

S Season- winter


U Unknown fact about me- I cry every time i watch The Sound Of Music (by doe a dear I'm sobbing!)

V/W Worst habit- procrastination (its not the worst but its bad)

X/Y Your favourite food- anything that's not seafood

Z Zodiac- Aries


Personal notes:

1 down 9 more to go

My Oral Pathology exam was RAPE
it should be illegal!
Endless pages of MCQ's, something around 12 pages, then 5 pages of short notes
The prof made sure not to miss a single line of every page of every chapter!
Bs i did well el7mdella, alot better than i actually expected while i was throwing up all night in the bathroom! My roommate finally had to drug me up, just gave me pills pills pills
for my headache, my stomach, dizziness, and everything else that was wrong with me.

THANK YOU ALL, for your prayers and well wishes, you helped more than you know :)
i miss blogging, and commenting, please forgive my short comings till I'm done with my exams

oh n keep those prayers up! !
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May 19, 2007


* china e3yalna nag9een 3oqad

Personal notes:

- i miss having a life
- i miss blogging for hours on end
- pray for me people khal a3ade hal sina 3ala khair

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May 17, 2007

To Her

I don't know if it's because your in love, or because Ive just liked you very much recently.
But i cant take my eyes off your face!
Its glowing! you haven't slept all night but your skin is ripe, and fresh. Its rosy and soft and clean, even though were half way through a work day.

Your features are more defined. Your nose is sharper and prettier. Your cheeks are rounder, your lips are fuller and shapely.

And your eyes, goddammit! they are so round and deep, like i can seriously look "into" them. Brown endless swirls. They actually have something to say. They're giving you away.
Your eyelashes frame them in long upturned strokes. Did they grow?

Mashallah, someone is going to be a very happy man.

Don't ever let him turn you bitter. I like your face. Don't let him wash away the beauty with your tears.
Even if you lose him, don't ever lose you.
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May 14, 2007


OK i don't know if this is sad or hilarious

maybe its both

my roommate and her little bug of a sister are very well educated people, one is in dentistry one is in med school

but they believe in all these old woman tales about TV absorbing your vision and oranges making your period stop

i keep arguing with them and telling them not to believe all crap they hear

anyways so i get my period and i go to take a shower, a normal thing to do

lil bug looks at me eyes wide : you showered?

me a lil confused: yeah its not the first time, why the look?

lil bug: but don't you have your period?

me: uh yeah?

lil bugs hand flies to her mouth: oh my GOD NOOO!!

me: what what!!

lil bug: but you shouldn't!

me: should what?! what the hell is wrong with you?

lil bug: if you shower when you have your period air will enter you (ydishich hawa)

me : excuse me

lil bug : you know!

me: no i don't!

lil bug: ydishich hawa oo ba3dain tekhtarbain! ( air will enter you and you'll be ruined)

me: WHAT?

lil bug: my mom doesn't allow us to shower when we have our period, she says we will be deflowered!

people i am not making this up!
this girl is studying medicine for crying out loud! you think she'll know how absurd she sounds right now!
but no!
she continues to explain to me how my future husband will be very disappointed in me.
now i wont tell you exactly what i said to her , cause my mom reads my blog , but it went something like this

me: you stupid? you STUPID?!!

i understand if it was a tornado making its way up my vagina, but deflowered by air in the shower!

where do people come up with this!
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May 13, 2007

How i Spent my weekend

What have i been doing on my off days?

Studying, studying, and more studying

my roommates hubby is here, she left with him
i have our apartment all to myself

its so quiet, just me and the walls

i havent seen the outside world in god knows how long

and finally today surrounded by stacks of books, paper, pencils, typed notes, scribbled notes, photocopied notes i broke down

just started crying my eyes out
my friend A walked in on me

A: eshfeeeeeeeeech!

me: im gna fail im gna fail its like reading Chinese i cant i just cant!!

( im always like this during exams my friends are used to it)

A: weeeeh eshda3wa allah yhadaaach calm down

No No i cant do it khalas I'm just gna pack my bags and go home!

A called the other girls, and M decided to take care of me, she kicked her brother out of the house and took me in.

So now instead of just driving myself crazy I'm driving her crazy too
the poor thing

My testing anxiety is a major problem for me
i can get high fever
upset stomach
and alot more

its not fun

and i need a cure!!!
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May 11, 2007

Need a vacation?

The Location

The Pent-House

The Rooms

The Dining Area

Fresh water Baths

Cafe By the pool

Recreation Area

and if that wasn't enough, you can always take a walk


Rates vary from $595.00 - $700 a night
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May 8, 2007

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May 7, 2007

Little Girl Why Are You So Sad?

There she sat on the stairs, her legs curled up under her, her hair cascading down her shoulders, hunched over in her pale pink dress, i sat next to her and asked
little girl why are you so sad?

she slowly lifted her head up and said, I'm not sad
I cupped her small chin with my hand and said, but your eyes are telling me different little girl

she quickly turned her face away
so i asked again

little girl why are you so sad?
she lifted her head towards the sky in a silent prayer
Then looked at me her eyes swirls of brown chocolate, i was mesmerized by them
they took you in so deep, windows to her soul

I gasped, my mouth slowly opened by breathing became heavy

there was darkness, so much darkness, there was red, black and blue
there was pain, there was anger and shame

i felt an invisible hand hold my throat

this time i turned away
took a deep breath and turned to her again

her face in her hands

and so i asked once more

little girl why are you so

I cant be little anymore she said
I have to grow up he told me
i have to grow up today

why? i asked puzzled

i tried to hide she said, but they found me, i couldn't hide

the little girl in her pale pink dress stood up and slowly descended down the stairs, i sat there staring at her wondering what she could have meant

should i stop her?
should i ask?
is she in trouble?

before i could gather my thoughts the little girl in her pale pink dress, with eyes like chocolate swirls disappeared in the crowd
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May 5, 2007

Can u Believe Theyre CAKES

They almost look too good to eat
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May 2, 2007


For the past year I have been trying to change a few things about me
one of the things i started is the THINK POSITIVE campaign
Glass half full kind of stuff. No matter what the situation is, i try to look at the bright side.

well guess what, thinking positive is taking its toll on me, its tiring! and requires way too much effort!

its so much easier to be negative!


that was my first step, to stop obsessing about everything, my weight my hair, my clothes, no matter how i look I'm loving myself
but there are people around me that drive me up the wall
like my roomies lil sister who came to our uni this year, she is the most annoying thing ever!
skinny lil thing, and now shes planning some sort of vibrating needle thingy thing that i never understood (cz i usually block anything that comes out of her mouth) to get rid of her non existent belly

still didn't get there, i HATE dentistry, i curse the day i decided to come here, its so not the profession for me, why am i doing it you ask? cause i believe if you start something, you have to finish it, and i have one year to go, ill get the degree, then do something i actually want to do, but i have to admit, it never gets boring . Who knows maybe by my last year ill fall in love with it, anything is possible

starting with al7emdela, i try to find something positive about why things didn't go my way, its not easy but do- able

Ever since i came to this dump, I'm one angry woman, anything and everything pisses me off, i noticed that about myself and now trying to stay calm
and me not killing the annoying lil bug that is my roomies sister is a great indicator to how much i improved

For a while Ive been going to sleep angry at the world, and i'd start praying for all these negative nasty things to happen to certain ppl, and i feel guilty, so no more sleeping angry for me, i deal with all my problems before i go to bed

I used to bottle things inside of me, never telling anyone whats bothering me, and it turned me into an extremely passive aggressive person, so i had to teach myself how to communicate and actually say what i feel and try to solve whatever it is that needs solving

I learned if you want people to treat you well then, you have to start treating yourself well first

I deserve everything good that comes my way
I deserve to be happy
I deserve to be pampered and spoilt
I deserve it all

Before i embarked on this whole positivity campaign, i was planning on KILL THE PERKY campaign, cause perky ppl annoy the living daylights out of me!
Great improvement on my part if i do say so myself

Alot of the time i want to stop thinking positive and start thinking PINK instead
so much easier don't u think?

But NO, i - eshda3wa- don't give up easily, i will fight to get negativity out of my life
until I'm a bubble of happiness :)

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