July 24, 2008


Well not really, but my mom just left, and my aunt is here.
I've been busy packing, and did not have time to read your blogs or reply to comments.
I didnt realise packing is going to be this hard!
Even though im not coming home till the end of august, i have to leave my beloved apartment in a week.
Im too attached to this place, it holds too much sentimental value..
Everytime I put anything in a box I start crying. (the fact that im pmsing aint helping matters either)
Anyways I'm going to be away for a while..
Got some very important things to take care of.
Issues to deal with.
See you when i see you!

oH and does anyone have a good joke?
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July 21, 2008

The Married Man

Y has recently gone crazy. Partying sleeping around.
One night stands.
Her preference is the married man.


Because their in it just for the sex.
you screw and they go home to their wives.

Im sure alot of single guys would love to screw you and then have nothing to do with you

ya but why risk it?

risk what

someone wanting something more.

Why another womans man?
why wreck a home, a marriage.
why do that to another person.

Im not doing anything, her husband is.

Your letting him do it.
If hes a low life your just as bad

Dont judge me, you dont know how it is

Like hell i don't!


I cant make sense of it!
I just cant!
Why go after a married man!
He belongs to someone else!
Hes taken!

So WHY!!
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July 20, 2008

Mi Casa Su Casa #3

"Now the sky could be blue, could be grey...
--------------------------------I don't mind, without you it's a waste of time."
----------------------------------------------------------- Strawberry Swing By Coldplay

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July 19, 2008

Name Fusion

Whats up with the name fusions going on?


shino they don't have time to say two separate names !
ba6een chabdi!
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July 17, 2008

The Broken Hearted

Dear eshda3wa
How do i heal my broken heart?

broken hearted

Dear broken hearted, thank you for taking the time to email me but im afraid you have asked the wrong person as my emotions are half dead and i can just toss pain and whatever else behind me. the only advice i can give you is what i have googled which im sure its not what you need.
So lets ask my dear readers

Readers, how does the broken hearted go about healing their heart?

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July 15, 2008


ooo failicha a7laa jazeera (even if shoosha doent think so ;P)

So when do you think this failicha thing is gna happen?

I say 300 - 500 years give or take a couple of decades
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July 13, 2008

Mi Casa Su Casa #2

I wish I could go back to when I was 16 again and just watch myself
see how I acted the first time i was love struck..

now 10 years later, I want to regain that intense feeling

when you could feel the love all the way to your finger tips

I want to listen to myself talk.

hear what words I had for the love of my life.

when nothing feels the same, looks the same or tastes the same.

I wish I can see myself gush over him.

always walking around with that goofy smile on my face

I want to watch myself blush

feel my heart rate increase at the thought of him

everything was beautiful, safe..

I was on top of the world..

nothing ever feels like that again
no matter how big
nothing beats the first time u fall in love

I wish I was turning sweet 16 today

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July 11, 2008


Whats up with 50 year old women trying to be 20 ?

Honey turning your face into a plastic doll and putting on a pair of glittery leggings wont make you look young.

It makes you look confused.

People should start learning how to dress age appropriate!

You can be stylish and appropriate at the same time. Really its possible believe me.
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July 9, 2008

Between Them

i always wanted to sleep in their bed.
between them
next to her
next to him
but they never let me
it never happened
no where in my mind exist a memory of me
nuzzled up between them
the safest place in the world
and now i am between them
but its not safe
its a war zone
and when night comes
and i have to get in bed
get between them
I am afraid,
I dread the moment my skin touches the soft covers
my head gently placed upon the pillow
I dread the smell of my sweet scented hair.
I wait for the sun to come up
my skin crawling
I need to get out
but I cant
I'm the prisoner of my own desires.
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July 6, 2008

Seat Belt

I love the seat belt. It is there for safety.

I got into the car with my roommate and buckled up, only to have her laugh at me.

fig: are you for real

eshda3wa: wah?

Fig: you really put your seat belt on

eshda3wa: yeah don't you

Fig: no! I don't know anyone who does

eshda3wa: why not?

Fig: just because.. theres no use for it

eshda3wa: oh really so you think it was invented as a fashion statement

Fig: if i get in a car accident the seatbelt is not going to prevent it

eshda3wa: it doesn't prevent accidents you idiot, it keeps u in your seat so you don't fly out the window

Fig: whatever

eshda3wa: you think the air bag was put in as decoration?
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July 5, 2008

Dear Blog Again

Apparently my sister is NUTS
She wasn't angry at me after all..

Its just a passive aggressive reaction and i happened to be her target.

Its ok sis, thats why god gave u a big sister.

Come here n gimme a hug !
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Dear Blog

My little sister is about to take a very important step forward in her life.. and she needs her family's support. Mainly me. But apparently to her support means do my work for me!
Shes getting her university papers and applications in order, and i being the supportive older sister that I am told her to send me her stuff so that i do it for her.. Guess what blog.. did she send me all i asked for? No!!
She thinks that everything is a minor and fixable
even loosing your SAT scores which are a must for getting accepted at the university.
Then when i tell her off for her boroood and irresponsibility what does she so casually tell me?
Lets go somewhere we can shop!

SHOP really?!
you might not get accepted into uni and u want to discuss shopping options with me?!

so she might think im being a rotten ******
but im only looking out for her well being.

She still has a lot to learn, and i hope leaving the nest will teach her how to take on some responsibility.

So instead of taking it as a 3ibra not to ask me for advice my dear sister... how about you actually TAKE my advice and do as i tell you :**

love always
your older and wiser sister.
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July 3, 2008


I like Kellogs Cornflakes or Nestle fitness.
I like it extra sweet so i use both sugar and honey.
With cold milk, never hot!
I only use a little, barley enough to cover my flakes.
I hate extra milk at the bottom of the bowl!
I like my cereal soggy not crunchy

How do you like your cereal?
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July 2, 2008

Mi Casa Su Casa Post # 1

your left hand dreams
of love
your right hand makes
dreams come true
your left hand whispers
sweet nothings
your right hand tells it
like it is
your left hand lives
happily ever after
your right hand lives
here and now

women of the world
raise your right hand

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**Im single because i choose to be**
(idea borrowed from an ad)

~Blog still open to the public. Email me and ill post it!

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July 1, 2008

My Date

I stood in front of the mirror and added finishing touches on my face.
I have to look perfect.
I was so nervous my stomach was tied in knots.

I actually took the time to iron my outfit.
If you know me then you know I never iron my clothes, so when I do it has to be BIG.

And big it was for lack of a better word.

I put on my new gold pumps and headed out the door smiling to myself thinking of what lay ahead.

Tonight I have a date with destiny,

and everything is fair game .
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